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  1. J

    Getting tested for benzos: Will I pass?

    My drug test is on Monday, it's a non dot 10 panel with Labcorp. The only thing I have in my system are benzos, I am prescribed 0.5mgs of xanax once a day as needed for anxiety disorder. On Thursday, I took one extra because my anxiety was really bad that day so it was 1 mg in my system as of...
  2. J

    Will I pass? Please help

    Hey there all, I was a heavy smoker, I'm 5 foot 7 at 195 pounds. On the day of my drug test, I will be 36 days clean of no smoking. I have a pre employment drug test at Labcorp. If I pass the screens at walgreens and CVS, will I pass Labcorp's testing? I heard somewhere someone said the...
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