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    SNS 244 All Natural Fungicide

    i use all the SNS products, love their mite/thrip stuff --works wonders
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    Purple Urkle and GDP same strain?

    not the same. i got purple urkle - purple kush - kens gdp (side by side) *close but each have their own 'twist' i say the same thing when i look at my OGs (larry-tahoe-sfv-fire-vanilla-raskal-skywalker-etc) *all look freakishly the same, but its a different story when they are in bloom :)
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    Can u still clone plants 1 week into flower?

    just took clones of a flowering pK mom, 2 weeks in.. eazyCloner = 100% (11/11 rooted) goodluck
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    Looking for high CBD's

    HTTC - Harlequin (clone only) HTTC - Omnitrix (clone only) SourTsunami (sohum seeds) Blueberry (dj shorts)
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    Metal Halide + Lens = No UVB?

    if you want uv-b, i wouldnt rely on MH bulbs.. (normal uvb outdoors is 350+ u/nm) **try iguana mercury bulbs for uv-b, any of the single 150w+ setups can cover 4x4 and yes, the glass does filter/block some of the uv-b emitted from the MH. --cheers
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    Santa Rosa police refuse to release medical marijuana

    "But officers have refused because they said federal law, which doesn't recognize medical marijuana use, prohibits them from returning Jenkins' cannabis." 1. they are local cops who are under local/state rules and regulations, federal law does not fall under their jurisdiction, the supreme...
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