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  1. Edzzed

    Using fan leaves with Everclear

    A good way to decarb is pressure cooker. On mine the canning setting is 240 degrees. I let it go 30 minutes. All you need to do is set the bud in canning jars with lids on tight. Put 5-6 cups of water in pressure cooker along with facecloth. My pressure cooker will hold 5 mason jars. NO SMELL...
  2. Edzzed

    Samsung F562B Build

    I don't know the answer to that. If you have a multimeter from harbour freight you can check to see the electrical resistance. Multi meter is $6.39 I assume if they are touching something they should not then yeah, It's an issue. I used double sided sticky tape on mine so never had that...
  3. Edzzed

    Samsung F562B Build

    I am no expert here but as others said. GO PARALLEL. You have the same driver as I got. HLG-240H-24A In re-reading my thread BUILD MY OWN QUANTUM LIGHTS it shows a post from @PurpleGunRack stating as much. Been a long time and I recall following his wiring advice. See my sig below.
  4. Edzzed

    Anyone having trouble finding seeds with Covid going on

    I bought crop king seeds when it became legal to grow in Canada. Since they are only a 25 minute drive from here I drove. They gave me 15 seeds for 100 cash. I planted 6 and 4 came up. I used peat pellets. (me bad) got 20 ounces. On my 2nd grow a year later I planted the remainder and 3 came...
  5. Edzzed

    Wet trim & blanching cannabutter method

    I made butter again a couple weeks ago. forgot all about this thread. says me, if you take your wet trim and shove it in mason jars and then into a pressure cooker it would not matter if wet or dry. It will get the contents to 240. look for the thread I did on pressure cooker xl. As to how...
  6. Edzzed

    Going to make some butter with power pressure cooker XL

    So I made some cookies, Used 1/2 the butter and got 65 cookies. These things are potent. Ate one cookie and went for a 6 hour loop.
  7. Edzzed

    4x4 grow tent light size and type

    Were it me, I would add some bracing to where you have the upright 2x4's joined. Looks a little rickety to me. To the OP. I would get quantum boards or build your own. Not hard to do and you will get more bang for your buck. If you read my sig, You can see how I used Costco cookie sheets in my...
  8. Edzzed

    Going to make some butter with power pressure cooker XL

    Just figured out the butter's final weight. 632 grams. Right about now I am thinking it will make about 230 nice potent cookies. Won't be able to do that until April 3rd or so. Wife hates when I bake. She will be away at her moms place soon.
  9. Edzzed

    Germination Has Begun: 2nd Attempt At Growing

    Well I smoked a bit of the White widow. Was nice and smooth. I have to say I am impressed, It not only smokes nice but wow. Potent, very potent.
  10. Edzzed

    21 days into flowering

    Actually, we have two.
  11. Edzzed

    Help I need help 1st grow

    Try skipping a day or two. The plants like a wet dry cycle. I watered mine every 3rd day.
  12. Edzzed

    Going to make some butter with power pressure cooker XL

    Just tried one 00 capsule with coconut oil. I decarbed 35 grams into 500 mls of coconut oil. I need to wait and see how it hits for now before I go filling more capsules. On edit and two hours later, I am thinking 2 capsules would impair my ability to drive. One is a nice buzz so will fill...
  13. Edzzed

    Going to make some butter with power pressure cooker XL

    Still don't know the butters final weight. Had to remelt it into a bowl and dump the water out. Coconut oil filled a 500 ml Mason jar.
  14. Edzzed

    How to mix the nutes!?

    I used GH flora trio and I added cal mag 1st then micro and it said you could add grow or bloom after that and did not matter in what order for those two nutes. After that, I read the feeding chart and added further nutes in the order in which they were listed in their feeding chart. That...
  15. Edzzed


    Dehumidified water is pretty much the same as distilled. Should be no nutes in it. If the fins become dirty or moldy then the water is not the same as distilled anymore. I dump mine even though the dehumidifier is only a year old.
  16. Edzzed

    Germination Has Begun: 2nd Attempt At Growing

    just weighed it all and am at 490 grams. Not too bad considering one was an auto. Actually on edit, I forgot about the 35 grams I used for coconut oil so final weigh in should be 525 grams. Now the burping starts.
  17. Edzzed

    Ratio calculator?

    I think you should revise you decarb time and temps. I do mine at 240F or 116C for 30 minutes and stir it up every 10. When I made cookies last time around with dried flower I used 1 ounce to 1 pound of butter. I see no reason why you could not swap butter for coconut oil and maybe use...
  18. Edzzed

    Going to make some butter with power pressure cooker XL

    Everything is in the crockpot. Going to do the coconut oil in the pressure cooker. I ate a small pinch of the decarbed flower and yes, it is decarbed. So all is going on right now. Butter will be ready tomorrow morning and coconut oil will be ready in 1/2 hour then we strain. 2 pounds for...
  19. Edzzed

    Going to make some butter with power pressure cooker XL

    Good day, My harvest is drying right now so figured I will take the trim and make butter. I don't have the famous instant pot everyone seems to rave about. I have an 8 quart Costco power pressure cooker XL. See pic for what mine looks like. After scouring the internet to find the info I need on...
  20. Edzzed

    Germination Has Begun: 2nd Attempt At Growing

    Just smoked some of the plant that was on the left. I would say I chopped it at the right time. It's not yet dried but I have an Iolite butane vaporizer and thought, Why not. I can't really say what the flavor is like but I can say it is smooth but that's the vaporizer. It most definitely...
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