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  1. Bertabuds

    Help with a deficiency please!

    Advanced nutrients coco part a and b 250ppm each 150ppm calmag 2ml of root exelatrator every feeding every day. Microeyza powder once a week Voodoo juice and b 52 once a week at 2ml 5 gal pots pure coco Under a 1000watt hps 28 inches away I'm new to coco growing and havent figured it out...
  2. Bertabuds

    Help deficiency!

    Hi I'm kinda new to this site and wasn't exactly sure where to post this my plants are 3 weeks old growing in pure coco fed everyday nuitrent line Mostly advanced nutrients Sensi coco grow, bloom A and B Cal mag 150ppm 1mlper l of root exelatrator The only thing i changed is I did a...
  3. Bertabuds

    Classic 1000 Watt HPS 4x4 Scrog Grow

    Hi my name is Bertabudz and this is my classic 1000watt 4x4 scrog grow journal! For this grow I will be using the following: -4x4 grow tent with a 1000w hps vented hood and MH (run the mh on 600w) I run a T5 for seedlings and early veg. - 2 cropkings black indica and 2 cropkings bubba kush...
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