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    Fox Farm Boomerang problem?

    So im worried that i cant use boomerang with my setup. Its supposed to be left in your system then completely removed and then add nute water as usual. Except i have 2 buckets connected through hosing, and the hole is about 1 inch above the bottom of the bucket. I pump out the majority of the...
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    Is a link allowed to be posted for a Special promotion non-weed related?

    I definitely dont want to break any rules, I need these forums in my life lol. But i got an offer from chase as i do nearly every year, I can refer my friends with a link to apply. The friend applying gets $200 statement credit as long as they spend $500 in the first 3 months. I get $100 per...
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    Need helpful explanation for simple directions I guess

    I recently got 6 additional FF bottles to add to FF trio. The sledgehammer was the main reason i got them but i dont quite understand the directions. "Combine with fertilizers during weekly feeding schedules. Kick it through your system once with every reservoir change" What does kick it...
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    Boveda curing pack question

    So for some reason mason jars are in high demand right now and are hard to find at a decent price, and im a cheapskate. I have the 58% boveda packs that are meant for 1 Oz of flower. Which i think would be meant for a 32oz mason jar. Buuuuuuut the only decent price i could get on some fresh...
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    When's the earliest I can flip a plant to check sex then flip back?

    Title says it all <3
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    How bad is it letting RH out of control?

    So I have to get a better dehumidifier, or another maybe. Tents RH has been shooting up to 70% at night and I'm worried that's detrimental to my girl. Flipped on 6/17 I think I'm 2-4 weeks from harvest, I'm worried about mold If I cant get it under control.
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    Medible's with nutrient burn?

    So I am nearing harvest time and i have made quite a few mistakes on too much nutes, is it still ok to make cannabutter out of nute burned leaves??
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    Testing facilities?

    Anyone know of a reliable place to send some tree to for THC% and such things?
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    How far am I from harvest?

    Seeds started 4/20 :ganjamon: Flower started 6/17 Plants pretty small for how long its been growing but its my first so anything yielded is a win to me lol. Trying to plan weekend away from home but I would like to wait until this plants curing in jars. Any estimates on how many more weeks...
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    Boveda 58% humidity packs

    Anyone on here have experience with the curing humidity packs?? I dont trust myself to burp a jar properly so these sounded like a god send, just curious if anyone has a time frame in mind for when to discard the pack and when itll be ready to smoke.
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    Noob question on Autos

    So can i have veg stage auto's and flower stage auto's in the same tent at the same time since i dont have to change the light timer between stages?
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    What deficiency is causing this?

    Title says it all, same plant, fan leaves drastically different colors all over
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    Nutrient & harvest advice

    So this plant was switched to 12/12 on 6/17 making this about day 31 of flowering stage. This is my first grow so ive made a lot of mistakes along the way, i should have done a lot more defoliating but now im too afraid to cut off the small budding spots... Anyways i have been giving it the...
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    Reliable place for seeds?

    Im still kind of nervous about buying seeds online. Feels like crossing state lines in the mail makes it a federal no-no still...
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    Can some gurus guess my strain?

    Long story short i had a dozen or so strains (all bagseed) all seperated and labeled, then they all got put in one ziplock bag....... I dont even remember what all the strains were, i do remember sour diesel, northern lights, and berry haze were in the bag but who knows what else. Anyways...
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    2 tents in same room?

    So my first plant is a few weeks into flower, ive started to germinate some seeds but i had a thought that concerns me. theres going to be 6 hours of the day the flower tent needs dark and the veg tent will be on... Theres not a massive amount of light leak, but there is light leaking out...
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    Strain identification

    Are there any places i can send a gram or two to get my weed strain/strength and stuff?
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    What should my ppm be?

    So i burned her once and ive been pretty cautious since then. Im in the middle of the stretch and shes not really stretching much... Fipped 8 days ago and my PPM has been about 500 thus far, how much more can she take without burning again?
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    Identify bagseed strain?

    Long story short, my seeds went from in labeled containers to allllll in one bag.... They were all bagseed's so its not the end of the world but it would be nice to know what im smoking though. Especially since im planning on pollinating and making my own seeds. (no idea what the males are...
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    Defoliation question

    Sorry if there is a section for this, i looked and couldnt find it. So Ive been doing as much LST as possible for a newbie like myself, and this girl is branching out like crazy. But im finding tiny tiny branches wanting to start pretty much at every fan leaf... I feel like i certainly need to...
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