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    Everyday we loose

    I'm the new guy...didn't been here long but I see everyday a important big Los for all us growers, if it sounds a bit crazy and direct sorry but I have head issues, you know from day one I do in my powers even being fresh my best to HELP OTHERS, specially new ones...but I see people made like...
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    First Time Indoor DIY Horizontal Crazy Experimental Mini Grow - Take A Guess Please?

    Good morning to all I'm a new grower , a bit loco also [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] and wanted your opinions and guessing [emoji1] Will this experiment (for 2.5 months and almost 2nd week of Flower now yield something worthy for using and if yes how much you guess it will be ( in gramms...
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    Stealth Grow

    Was finding yesterday out was doing a stupid mistake with letting the door open from my new motherplant room ( kitchen unterschrank ) , my side and then up living neighbour had the opportunity to see light coming out under the sink cabinet from his balcony, I'm lucky the weather is and was the...
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    Anyone from Germany zufällig here?

    Was queries if there are any growers from Germany here between us [emoji844]
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    Question for experienced growers

    Just started or 2 months a experimental grow and am at of 1st week flowering, my grow space is 50 × 50 cm and I can count like 50 head buds, am I gonna go out of space later?
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    Do I have enough space?

    I have a small fist experimental DIY closet 50×50×70 cm grow going on now for over 2 months and my 3 plants are today in 7th day of flowering , I was roughly counting like 50 head buds ( trained the hell out of them and still won't allow vertical grow ) and now my big worry and question is...
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    First Grow With LED In Small Closet

    hello everyone, I'm new here and a almost new ( for 2 months now ) grower, I'm someone who is open for ideas and critics , like experimenting and prefer DIY and Organic ....I would see it as helping and I'm not old for learning so come on and help me make this grow a success , by the way the...
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