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  1. Wookie0586

    PH of run off water 5.5

    Greetings fellow humans, I'm doing my first grow in 20+ years. I'm using fox farms happy frog soil. Seedlings popped through the ground about a month ago. For the first watering's I ph'd the water to 6.5. As soon as I was watering enough to get run off (I up potted to soon as I have learned...
  2. Wookie0586

    Greetings from Canada

    Just wanted to say hi and comment on how great this sight is, a lot of dedicated friendly people here! I live in Canada, we're legalizing weed on October 17th, and every household can grow up to 4 plants legally :) ! I was hoping to jump the gun a bit and have some of my own tasty (white...
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