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    Question about mold on clone root?

    so i left some clones go in my auto cloner and it plugged the pump from working and it just warmed up a lil bit and seemed to dry out some of the water in my cloner. Now there were 2 strains in that cloner and i lost all 4 of 1 and maybe 1 or 2 of the other out of 24 so it was still pretty full...
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    Topping outdoor bushes?

    So i got 6 cannabis plants in my green house. Thry seem to love it in their. I notice least 12 inches of new growth a week. There pretty mature bout 3 months old. I took em from my indoor vege room. Now i dont want them to grow up but out. So i been cutting off the top branches at the 1st or 2nd...
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    Quick question about 6 in inline fans

    hi quick question. So i need to cool some hoods and bring in fresh air . I have a air conditioned lung room that has 6 inch ducting running out the window into my flower room for fresh cool air. Can i use that same 6 inch ducting with 2 440 cfm 6 inch inline fans using a y duct so i can have...
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    1k Watt dimmed to 600 and 750?

    so i have 2 different sets of 1k watt dimmable balasts . On the cali balasts it goes 500-750-1000- and super lumens. On the 2nd set of balasts it goes 400-600-1000- and super lumens. I was planning on running all 4 at 600 dimmed down on my 1k hortilux hps bulbs. Now 750 isnt 600.. so its 750...
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    Question about indoor to outdoor plants

    So i have 6 mature plants all been indoor as moms for about 3 or 4 months there pretty decent size. All of em got a fresh transolsnt into 7 and 10 gallon pots from 3 gallons. I built a 6 mm thick plastic green house in the back yard so theres no direct light in their all covered in plastic with...
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    Just need some info on green houses

    So i just finished reinforcing a small 8x6 aluminum green house with 2x4s n 3-6 mm polyurethane plastic and i think its sea worthy now , i ran both sides with 4 inch mesh screen for venting. So about 16 ft of 4 inch vent . Brought temps down to about 5 degrees above temp outside. Without...
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    Advice on 1st outdoor grow and green house design?

    So im from the pacific northwest and it rains alot. Im in the process of putting up 2 green houses side by side about 10x30. Ill be growing veggies if at all possible from seed in humidity domes and rockwell cubes etc and also cannabis from clones . Now more importantly the cannabis is in promix...
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    Outdoor soil?

    Hey so im excited . Got this kool lil green hooked up basically and im just curious like since im growing outdoors should i continue to use promix and my nutrients? Or use some sort of compost mix? Tbh i have another 10x20 green hoise going up right beside it as well. Now for about a year and a...
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    Is this a spider mite?

    Seen a couple of these on a specific strain in my vege room i started from seed a bit ago. Never seen anything like this before. I dont see anything out of the ordinary other then a few of these guys. Wth are these ?
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    Flushing this AK, I'm proud

    Will get better and im learning but smell this for a sec
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    Not sure what week: help please

    So i got some ak 47 - 9 pound hammer - blue cookies etc and think there about week 5 or 6. The flowers look good. I didnt top em i just let em go so i got decent kolas. Hairs starting to go orange about a week ago. Seeing a little bit of the blue leaves in the blue cookies now. Havent took a...
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    Another quick question about bubble machines

    Getting tired of churning my potions here in this 5 gallon bucket. Seen some 5 gallon bubble machines. Is there any machine you guus can recommend to do a decent wash and not break the bank? Thinking amazon .thanks guys
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    Quick question about bubble hash

    So i did a few runs of bubble and its drying out right now . So after it dries 3 days i normally just smoosh it togrther and dab or smoke it on a bowl. Is there any other step after drying it like is smooshing bad or good rolling it in ur fingers etc i hear peoppe do this. Others make rosin...
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    Quick question.

    Ok so i got lazy after running a set of clones for 2 or 3 weeks and took those. But i had this 9 pound hammer my buddies say is fire so i was defoliating and judt stuck those cuttings of 9# and put rooting gel on em and put them in my auto cloner that i didnt clean out from the 1st batch of...
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    Is winterizing a must?

    Ive made bho with bbv set ups. It burns me up even under vac for 3 days. Theres alot of fat lipids etc . Would i just use this everclear mrthod after i vac purged my nug runs? Will it take out the bad and leave the good? Is it better on the lungs?
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    Help please

    So i got 2 things im confused about. So i need a cheap light meter to make sure light distance from my 2k hps lights and my plant canopy is optimal. What light meter do i need are these what i need and how do i use it? Also i bought a rh digital tester from vivosun on amazon. Are these tools...
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    Quick question

    Hello so i use 1k super hortilux hps bulbs in flower only running 12 12 . Now i hear their good for 3 cycles reccomended. Now is a cycle like 1 flower cycle 2 months? Or hows that go. How many months at 12/12 will these bulbs last.
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    Got some seeds from these guys on accident

    Ive got like 8 of them already vegging. Got them from my last jar from gold leaf . The plants look so healthy. There growing quick under lights compared to some of my others. I plan on taking 2 clones from each plant and labeling em then the their off to flower to distinguish sex. My question is...
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    12 ft long 9 ft wide 11 ft high room

    Im thinking of adding 2 double ended 1k vivosuns in this room with 2x 600 watt hps . Is it adequate and how would i organize the lights? How much heat does 2 de 1ks put out? The 2 600s are in air cooled hoods.
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    Quick question about CO2

    So i got an insulated shed im using for my flower room . Im running 2 hps 1k air cooled hoods uour basic set up . My question is if im exhausting air with inline fans and imcoming is there an option to increase co2 with those mushroom bags etc. Im exhausting air so it wouldnt build up in the...
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