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    420 Cleaner

    Are you trying to reclaim your oil rigs or your glass flower pipes? One thing i found that helped do the trick was to get my 99% isopropyl hot before using it and then once it was hot and inside the rig, I would cap it off with rig nipples and shake it a bit, but the heat does all the hard work...
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    Cleaning a grinder

    If you smoke dabs at all, then def suggest you grab a zip lock baggie and break down your grinder putting all the parts inside the bag, then fill it with isopropyl 99% and wiggle it around for a minute, then taking a brown coffee filter strain the iso into your glass dish, from there evaporate...
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    How Do I Clean My Glass Pipe?

    Too easy boss! You are looking for that reclaim game to start taking shape, here is all you gotta do, get a bottle of 99% isopropyl and some rig nipples, google it, heat your isopropyl with a cup of hot water and boom, that is like magic, dissolves every bit of oil build up, talking oil...
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