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    Wilma Kush by NewGuy420 seeds anyone grown this yet?

    Seems like a newer strain, Bio Diesel x Fruity Pebbles OG, has anyone had the pleasure of growing this strain out yet? It's going outdoors for me in Southern Oregon, so if need be I will be the guinea pig. If you have grown it, was there much phenotype expression one way or the other? Just...
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    Southern Oregon seed transplant timeframe?

    Hello all! Been growing outside in Southern Oregon for a few years, but wanted to see what the consensus was on here. I have worked with clones and seeds and have had clones flower on me when I put them outside on a few occasions and had to get some replacement plants. I am just outside of...
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    400 gallons of HB? Come see

    Hi All! Vapeman here bringing you my next project, which is Doc Buds High Brix soil kit. I bought 2 XL kits (good for 384 gallons) from him and am growing my legal allotment of 4 plants in the Willamette Valley of Oregon! I got some clones from one of my trusted sources and immediately put them...
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    Closet grow tent

    Hey all, Going to set up a grow in my closet and i only have 23 inches, not 24, so most of the standard grow tents are out. Does anyone know of a slightly smaller width tent? Ideally i would like a 20 inch by 36 inch tent, with a height less than 52 inches. Anything like this out on the...
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    Light deprivation and its effects

    Hey all Vapeman here! Wanted to post a question about light deprivation in regards to a large hoophouse/greenhouse and was hoping to get experienced responses about this. I am curious if there is any heat or humidity issues to address when covering a structure and depriving it of light...
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    Grow shed design - Help me!

    Hey All, Vapeman here about to step up to the big leagues (well in my opinion, this might be small sized to some of you). I have the opportunity to fully design and set up a 12 ft by 16 foot grow shed. Here is my objective: to grow the most amount of marijuana while staying below my plant...
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    Potm - Notm

    Hey all, I have been trying to find out where to go to submit a Nug of the Month or Plant of the Month, is this still a thing? Can someone point me in the right direction? -Vape
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    Wet Harvest Weight

    Hey All, I am curious if anyone has run into a situation like this, it might be unique to Oregon, or the legal states, but here is the situation. I have a friend who owns a wholesaling biz, as well as operates a trimming biz and has offered to purchase my entire crop fresh out of the...
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    South Oregon - Outdoor Grow - 2016

    Hey all, Here is a teaser pic of my most mature plant in the garden right now. This is supposed to be a Cinex clone, placed out in my garden mid July. It was a late planting for sure, and the clone wasn't very big, but it was all I had going, so better it than nothing. It has turned into a 3...
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    Colloidal Silver

    Hey All, I hope you can see this picture. I have read all the guides and feel like I have a good handle on what to do to my female plant to get it to produce female pollen sacks via colloidal silver, but my question is this. Is what I purchased too highly concentrated, or will this provide...
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    Leafy larfy buds early harvest

    Hey 420 smoke up! So I had a reveg issue while flowering, (I won't go into, but knocked the light timer and put my ladies back into veg for about 2 weeks) and just a few minutes ago I chopped out all the fluff nugs that had started growing, along with the revegged tops that started growing...
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    Airy new growth 4 weeks flowering

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Hey all I have an issue with my plants that I was hoping to get some advice on. From what I have read, I believe I am looking at a heat stress issue, but of course all thoughts are welcome. Here are the specs...
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