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    Welcome to the Fastbudzclub

    Totals are in... Fast buds C4 2 plants yielded 8.5 ounces of dry bud, Dinafem Dinamed cbd autos 2 plants yielded just over 6 ounces dry bud. Way more than anticipated
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    Does Music Help Growth? If You Play This Kind Of Music It Could Kill Your Plants!

    I already have a modern vibrating grow shed, with all the fans and exhaust blower going. Neighbor already complains... If I added music to the mix he would definitely draw the line...
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    Whatcha Smokin': What's everyone smoking, vaping, dabbing, etc. right now?

    Vaping flowers, tonight I'll vape some 91 skunk D mixed with some Sour diesel (20% CBD) industrial hemp...
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    Any recommendations on a good dehumidifier

    Keep in mind that the dehumidifier puts out heat. I ran a "Keystone 50 pint dehumidifier" last year and had to keep AC running to keep temps down. It was a battle and cost lots of money for electricity... This year I have been keeping my air exchange on and keep fans blowing on the plants...
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    Caution with dogs

    My dogs Vet told me To give my 8 pound chihuahua 16 mg cbd twice a day, he has a bad knee. Vet says 2 mg cbd per pound twice a day. I have been giving it to him for almost a year now. He tolerates it well. I make my my cbd oil infusion with high cbd industrial hemp flowers and organic pumpkin...
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    Are You Using Cannabis To Prevent Or Attempt To Cure Covid-19?

    There are now a few more articles out there stating that Cannabis / CBD and possibly THC, can help reduce lung inflammation in Covid patients and also may have antiviral effect. I did not see method of consumption...
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    Thinking of harvesting at the end of the week: is she ready?

    Looks like you still have lots of white pistils, you def need to wait for most of the pistils to change color, It would also help to see the whole plant.
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    Making in-line fan quiet?

    Fan motor is constantly cooled by air that it is moving
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    Making in-line fan quiet?

    Just remembered that I have some torch down rubber roofing material, I will use that for my wrap...
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    Making in-line fan quiet?

    Fan is AC Infinity, suppose to the shit... I will try some HVAC vibration isolators. There is one 8" single wall ridgid 90 connected to fan then approx 1' of ridgid single wall to roof vent cap. I will find some rubber wrap for fan and exposed ducting, I just ordered silencer also. I will see...
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    Making in-line fan quiet?

    That may quiet it down in the room, my air exchange exhaust exits the roof through a 8" exhaust/vent cap, I believe that is what neighbor is hearing. I'll order the silencer $54 on the Zon. I'll post how it works out...
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    Making in-line fan quiet?

    I ave AC Infinity Cloudline T 8 for air exchange in my grow shed. Neighbor keeps complaining how loud it is. Anyone have any luck quieting these down? Does anyone know if the silencers actually work?
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    Need a new light

    Hello, I would look into quantum boards if I were you. A couple of sponsors on this site sell them. Both @Budget LED and Mars Hydro @SmokeSara sell quantum boards. I run quantum boards and have great results, bright white no blurples...
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    Making my own soil

    I would get the fine. Did they tell you what it was made from? It looks as if they sifted the compost and are selling it as fine and chunky.
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    How do I tell when my plants are ready for harvest

    I also look for more amber when harvesting, as I use my weed at night for sleeping. My understanding is as trichomes age and turn amber the THC is degrading and turning into CBN. CBN gives you a more tired couch lock effect. I also look for more indica dominant strains.
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    Looking for trusted breeder for dense strains: Barney's Farm?

    No, I have never heard of them... Have you grown them?
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    Looking for trusted breeder for dense strains: Barney's Farm?

    Budget Led is a 420 magazine site sponsor, They sell Quantum boards which are top notch, you will be pleased. https://www.420magazine.com/community/threads/budget-led-grow-light-discussion.473585/
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    The Mountain: Grow Support From The Over 50 Club

    Thank you, this is also my first Auto grow. I'll post my yield weight in a week or two
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    The Mountain: Grow Support From The Over 50 Club

    What this 50 something Vegan has growing in the shed... Front colas are Dinafem dinamed cbd autos, in the back is Fastbuds C4 autos, almost ready...
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