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    Does she look healthy?

    Week 2 second grow just wondering if she looks healthy to you all? gwayne
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    Freshly cured David Banner super sticky

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    Hey I need help

    Hey guys I was wondering what the best chemical was that would kill knat s in my soil gwayne
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    New Grower

    Well in new at all this but here it goes.. Soil. Miracle grow Lights. 4 15w cfls an 65 w grow bulb., Notes epson organic plant food Molasses, eggshell Water when needed but just dropped my light on it and broke it![emoji30] but hopefully I repaired it gwayne
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    Help - I broke my plant

    is that purple normal?? gwayne
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    Broken plant

    Hey has anyone ever broke the main stem of a plant and had it survive with a splint?? gwayne
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    Male or female?

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