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    Low and slow CBD infusion

    Ok I am going to make CBD infused oil for a topical rub and also use for oral meds. I am going to use Sour space candy Industrial hemp 22.8% CBDA, less than .3% THC and organic pumpkin seed oil. I am planning on infusing oil in a little dipper crock pot. Crock pot gets up to around 175 degrees...
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    Black Friday deals?

    Is anyone else taking advantage of Black Friday deals? I bought a HLG QB 260 watt Rspec light kit and saved $100 bucks! The deals are out there...
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    What the hell are these things?

    I just noticed fungus gnats in my living organic grow last weekend. I treated soil with beneficial nematodes and added 3/4" of perlite to cover soil. I may add mosquito dunks to my RO water. So i put down glue traps to catch gnats. I am catching them, but now I am also catching very small bugs...
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    Indoor Organic vegetable garden

    Kinda funny I was just on google looking for info on growing veggies indoors. Not much good info out there that I could find. All the best info is right here on this forum, guess I will have some weeds in my veggie garden or is it veggies in my weed garden? I am going to expand my tent to...
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    Large planter box indoors multiple plants?

    I am coming to the end of my first grow which was in coco with AN nutes. I want to go organic, I am looking into Clackamas coots method. I was thinking of making one large planter box that would fit in my 3' x 3' tent and 4 plants at a time. Planter box would be raised, there would be a liner...
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