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  1. hedzenmedz

    Help, please! Have never seen this before

    Hi Folks, I’ve never seen this before. The top bud of the branch has turned brown and pretty crispy. He plant is an L.A. Confidential that is 5 weeks into flower. This happened quickly as the plant looked fine 2 days ago. Used my loupe to check for critters as we have had spider mites In the...
  2. hedzenmedz

    Hedz’ Constant Garden: Quadlined Clones, Auto Flowers

    I am starting this new thread as an ongoing home for our current and future grows. As we are retired and on fixed incomes, we prefer to use clones and we only purchase seeds occasionally to keep our costs down. Our current grow — we have 5 Cheese, 6 French Cookies, 2 L.A. Confidential, 2 Gorilla...
  3. hedzenmedz

    Fabric Pot Capacity Chart

    Hi Folks, The chart below may be helpful for some of our growers. Found it online. Namaste. hedz Fabric Pot Size (in gallons) Bags of Soil (to fill assuming 1.5 cu.ft. per bag) 1 11 pots/bag 3 3.3 pots/bag 5 2.2 pots/bag 7 1.5 pots/bag 10 .9 pots/bag 15 1.25 pots/bag 20...
  4. hedzenmedz

    Lost my draft after saving it

    I have been working on a draft for the past hour. I saved it and when I went back to edit, it was gone. Any thoughts on where to look for it. Thank you.
  5. hedzenmedz

    Thoughts please! No till 10 gallon pots used for cherry tomatoes

    Hi Folks, please note the photo of my no-till 10 gallon smartpots. I grew cherry tomatoes in them all summer and I want to put them back into rotation in the grow room for 3 mother plants. As you can see from the photo there is red clover, alfalfa and oats growing profusely in these pots and...
  6. hedzenmedz

    Need help to ID deficiency

    We are growing in an organic soil medium and as our Gorilla plants are about 3.5 weeks into flower, starting to notice yellowing of some leaves. Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong? From past experience with this strain, the Gorilla leaves fade from a darker green in veg to a much paler...
  7. hedzenmedz

    CO2 & Exhaust Fan Timer Advice

    Hi Folks, I am looking for a reasonably priced CO2/EXHAUST FAN TIMER. I am looking to go 30 minutes on/off for 12 hours CO2 with the exhaust fan turning on when the CO2 off and vice versa. Namaste
  8. hedzenmedz

    How To Invite Others To A New Journal

    Please provide some feedback on how to invite other members to a journal. Thank you.
  9. hedzenmedz

    CBD Clone looking stressed: Why?

    Hi Folks, It’s been awhile since our last grow and I am hoping that we can save this DURGA MATA 2 CBD Clone. Received the clones (3 - DM2 CBD, 2 SENSI STAR by Courier last Jan. 4th. They all looked good and we let them acclimatize in the grow room for 24 hours before transplanting into 1 gal...
  10. hedzenmedz

    Pure Kana CBD Oil

    Has anyone out there had any experience with pure KANA CBD oil? I just ordered some for my wife’s chronic pain. We are finding that the amount of CBD that she needs is quite high. pure KANA sells a 40ml bottle that has 1,000 mg of CBD that is extracted with CO2 process. Once we receive it, I...
  11. hedzenmedz

    Best Vape For Distillates

    We just purchased a water / oil distiller and over the next few days, we will produce some Indica cannabis oil (L.A. Confidential). Not knowing anything about vape pens with refillable oil cartridges, we would love to hear from the team what the best vape pen is (easy to fill cartridges, heat...
  12. hedzenmedz

    ACMPR license concern

    My wife just received her license to grow medical mj from health Canada. I also have a mmj prescription here in Ontario and I would like to know if my prescription has any impact on the grow license as I would like to keep ordering from my favourite dispensary? Any guidance will be appreciated.
  13. hedzenmedz

    Unknown Deficiency Chemdawg Auto

    If someone would be so kind as to diagnose this deficiency. This showed up overnight on an otherwise healthy plant. This chemdawg auto from attitude is 54 days old from poking through the soil. I am using the GH line of nutes ( grow, micro, bloom, koolbloom, calmag). Also using silica, great...
  14. hedzenmedz

    Consensus on how to count days

    When do you start to count the number of days for a plant?
  15. hedzenmedz

    Organic Autos

    hi folks, I am looking for some informed advice about growing AF's organically. I have made a few AF grows with Jock Horror, Acapulco Gold (AG)and Snow White (SW). I used the General Hydroponics line of notes along with unsulphered molasses, raw, unpasteurized honey and Epsom salts. The grow...
  16. hedzenmedz

    Need help with Snow White auto

    Hi folks, I am having lots of trouble with this Snow White auto plant. Before I give up on it, I would love to get some feedback on where I went wrong. Growing in ProMix HP under Platinum 300 led. It has only been fed very light nutes. Once it started going south, I flushed it then started on...
  17. hedzenmedz

    Time for a new view of past roads

    Hello everybody - now that we have retired, we are taking opportunities to try new things. My wife has many health issues that have plagued her for many years. Now that marijuana is destined to become legal in Canada, we will be working towards her stopping the pain killing prescriptions that...
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