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    LED lighting

    I'm getting ready to start up 6 under lites in a 5'X4' space. I can't hack paying to operate HID anymore plus the heat is unaccepttable. I need to know how many LEDs for this space, and what rating, and brand. Thanks so much.
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    Seed banks

    Has anyone purchased from i49 or Nirvana?
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    This is my first hydro do you leave the bubblers on in the dark?
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    Light cycle for flowering

    Can I run a 12 on, 6 off cycle without sacrificing quality or yield? My intention is to tighten up the flowering cycle and I believe a 12/6 would shave off about 10 days in a 6 week cycle.
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    Mother plants

    Is it neccessary to maintain a mother plant, or can you take cuttings from each successive generation without diluting the gene pool?
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    Light duration

    Do the plants detect the length of time in the dark like they do hours of light? For instance, if the plant is running a 18/6 light cycle and it is left in the dark for 12 hours would that shock it into starting to flower?
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    Light cycle

    This will be my third time out. I've been running a 24/7 light cycle, but with 400w metal halide the electric bill is eating me alive. Starting fresh I want to go with a 18/6 light cycle, but not sure how much time will be added to the vegetative phase of growth. Can someone add insight?
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