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  1. ProTools 2018

    Hey Gang!

    Just checking in and saying thank you for all of the great feedback from all of the members. My post lately are from my first semi serious grow. Had 3 plants. Cat ate one of them... lol (so pissed) Had 2 left. My first plant is a foxtail quake and the other is coming along nicely. However pretty...
  2. ProTools 2018

    Light bleaching? Def? Lockout? Burn? All of the above? Please help, thank you! First grow!

    750w KindLed 100% red, blue, white 18 on- 6 off. Plant only 14” away 4th week of flower Growers Choice GG4 Auto Happy Frog Fox Farm soil Remo Nutrients 6.6 ph water Run off 6.8 700 ppm 2’x4’x6’ grow tent Temperature has been 90% under 77 degrees Fahrenheit 50 - 60 Rh Ok guys a lot to explain...
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