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  1. dynasg2009

    Nute brands - Any useful input welcome

    I had been using AN Master grow, Connoisseur A&B, Bud igniter Rhino skin, Bud Factor X Overdrive This time I am using the same base nutes, Liquid Karma (LK, first time) and the overdrive. I talked to the Blue Planet Nutrient guy and I can buy basically the same things for $125.00 or...
  2. dynasg2009

    Nute brands - Any useful input welcome

    Re: Nute brands. Any useful input welcome. I will read about them and see the make-up. Thanks a bunch.
  3. dynasg2009

    Nute brands - Any useful input welcome

    Re: Nute brands. Any useful input welcome. I used the Advanced Nutrient line 3 times now and have had great results, no journal but these nutes work great. I use much less than their nutrient calculator recommends and have found less is more. I also seen the first time I went the full strength...
  4. dynasg2009

    Veg. & Flowering temps

    Hey All, Here is the deal, the last grow the temps got up to 84° for a couple of days {broke a/c} w/o Co2 and every one of these girls produced pollen sacks, I guess from stress. Every plant was totally consumed with seeds, great if that was the goal, right? Anyway, what is a good temp w/o...
  5. dynasg2009

    NO2 Portable Digital Vapir Vaporizer

    You should have the screen on the material, then put the lid on and enjoy. Maybe if it hits less, you can turn up the heat. You won't see smoke like one you rolled because the idea is to inhale the active ingredients without burning the plant material. You will get the best hit if you inhale...
  6. dynasg2009

    NO2 Portable Digital Vapir Vaporizer

    I had the same problem and this is how to fix it. Remove the screen from the mouth piece by un-twisting it. After removing it twist it back together, place your material in it and then put the screen on top of the material, screw the top on and done! This method has been working perfect, the...
  7. dynasg2009

    Christie Obstructing Medical Marijuana Effort

    Well I think the people of that state know who, "not" to vote for?
  8. dynasg2009

    Oregon Democrat's Bill Would Legalize Medical Marijuana At Federal Level

    I think the medical marijuana is a great step towards legalization. As we all know the relief given, I think that it should be totally removed as a drug from the feds dangerous list. Forget medical purposes and just legalize it and be done!
  9. dynasg2009

    Harvard Study Says Marijuana Cures Cancer

    Rick is a saint, I wish the government will soon totally remove it from the DEA's most wanted natural cure for many problems other than man made drugs can never touch! It's an herb...
  10. dynasg2009

    Second week flowering and maybe a hermie?

    I had my brother swing by the house this morning and he was able to help me verify that it's a sack, so I cut all 3 of them up and threw them in the left over hash bag. I am so sad they went south and now my yield will be less this grow. I had bought bulk seeds once and the last time that will...
  11. dynasg2009

    Second week flowering and maybe a hermie?

    Thanks for the reply. I think I will wait a few more days or a week before I yank them out. I want to be sure because the buds look great but afraid they might pop open and fertilize my females which would be horrible.
  12. dynasg2009

    Second week flowering and maybe a hermie?

    High Family, Please tell me if you think this is a hermaphrodite? This picture is a little difficult to see as the camera is not user friendly. I have 3 of these doing this, Grand Daddy Purple. If these have turned on me I need to throw them out. Thanks,
  13. Is this a male too?

    Is this a male too?

    Male & Female.
  14. dynasg2009

    Chris Williams, Montana Medical Marijuana Grower, Sentenced To 5 Years Prison

    This is so sad, I will be so happy when the US wakes up from this horrible nightmare!
  15. dynasg2009

    Marijuana Legalization Prompts New DUI Bills

    This will never work because the thresholds are different for every patient but alcohol on the other hand has the same effect on everyone.
  16. dynasg2009

    What Did Eric Holder Say To Governor Jay Inslee During Their Private Pot Talk

    Well, all I can say is if I lived there I would still grow my own due to barely enough flow to pay the bills I have now. There is no way I could afford to buy at all unless I didn't pay one of the main bills, lights, food, water or gas to heat and cook with.
  17. dynasg2009

    How do I Re-Moisten Dry Buds?

    I use Tupperware to store my meds and lay a piece of cheese cloth on top of everything and also use a slice of bread, it works wonderful on dry cookies too! Both very tasty and moist.
  18. dynasg2009

    Maxi Jet 1200 For Hydroponics

    Thanks GScully, I never thought of that. I was hoping there would be something different but this sounds like it would work. Thanks again for your help.
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