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    Buds, let's see your biggens!

    Alaskan Purple Auto FFHF Mega Crop Cal/Mag Topped Defoliated (medium 15 fans twice a week) That's a WalMart TV stand they are on. The one in the center topped itself.
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    Seedbank recommendations please

    I hit a wall with seedsmans pay methods so I need seedbank recomends. Zelle and Visa wouldn't go got my online banking locked, Bitcoin heck they want all your data including wienie size. Ships to USA Takes Visa Thanks!
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    MCT oil question

    How much high quality flower per cup of MCT oil? I use an Infusium420 machine and sunflower lichen solvent. Not looking for head banging but figure 20% THC flower. Thanks
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    Anyone know when Budget LED resumes shipping?

    Anyone know when @Budget LED will resume shipping Series 3+ Red Spec 250 Watt Dimmable Grow Light. I have another one ordered. Order #1641.
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    Northern Lights Auto

    Popped a Northern Lights Auto from Seedsman/Barney's Farms about 90 days ago. Half the hairs are red and trichomes are still clear. It's sister has maybe 25% red hair. Here's some pics to help determine if harvest ready. The red hairs percentage is throwing me.
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    Seedsman 420 day, Apr 20

    Is Seedsman a good seed bank? It's 420 days and I got 15 Zkittlez for the price of 10 and 3 packs of 3 free. 24 for the price of 10 I hope it's coo a good bank!
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    Budget LED question

    I took the plunge and got the Series 3+ Red Spec 250 Watt Dimmable Grow Light. It's the $349 one. This one is plug and play ready? Noticed some need soldering, which I can do but for longevity I want the pre-built one. I'd link but you know the deal on links here lol
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    LED Light Question

    I have 4 Mars Hydro TS600 and 1 ts1000, the ts600 pull 100w from the wall and I run two to a 3x3 tent (autoflowering). Would I see a big benefit from picking up a Budget Led Series 3+ Red Spec 250w Dimmable Grow Light? Meaning to replace 2 ts600 that pull 200w wall combined. I'm fairly new to...
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    Scrog question

    Northern Lights auto, 2 plants, 5 gal pots, mega Crop & Cal/mag, fox farms happy frog. Been flowering 9 days. Starting to get unmanageable tall limbs. How far should I put the Scrog net up from the pot top. Plants are shooting out 12 inch limbs. Limbs are pliable should be able to bend.
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    Curing Question

    I've dried and cured wild weed often enough but... How do you dry and cure flowers 8 inches tall and 5 across. Never had to cure big ones like that. Thanks!
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    Accidental Reveg Question

    Had a Reveg happen, light leak in tent. It's got nice flowers, how long to reflower and repair. Been Reveg about a week.
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    Moving Light Down When

    Got 4 beans popped, I know you lower the light when they move from Seedling to Veg but: When are they considered to be in Veg, as in how many nodes or how tall do they need to be when I start lowering the lights slowly?
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    5 Gal vs 1 Gal smart pot

    For comparison purposes, this is the same seed, same fertilizer at the same strength, same soil same lights. Bertha is in a 5 gal smart pot and Jr Bertha in a one gallon. Only difference is Jr got nutes 2x a day and Bertha got nutes once a day.
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    Spots on leaves

    The spots on the leaves are new. They are all over the plant ruling out light burn. Seed is bag seed in FFHF using MC 4gm/gal. 2x Mars Hydro ts600 12/12 Hit her with seaweed folizer and Cal/Mag with iron. Soon as the Foliar spray Fry's will update with plant pic. Thanks
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    Miracle Grow Perlite

    Wasn't paying attention and picked up an 8 quart Miracle Grow Perlite. Using Happy Frog Bag says N 0.07 P 0.07 K 0.07 One bean popped early and I put it in HF and 30% Miracle Grow Perlite and after a day the sprout is curled like a "n". Clawed... So HF and Miracle Crud Perlite is to hot right?
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    Tomato Cage?

    Anyone have some tomato Cage training photos to help guide me. Yeah there's some Google images but you all know your stuff.
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    Smart Pot Size: Autos

    Bout to drop few beans 2 Northern Lights (420seedguy) 2 Zkittlez (seedsman) Are 3 Gal smart pots going to be big enough? The Northern is supposed to be the highest yield auto thought I should check.
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    Meet Bertha, she's bag seed, accidentally dropped into a Pony Tail Palm pot. Moved her to a 5 Gal smart pot with Happy Frog soil, Mars Hydro TS600 (one until today and today I upped her to two TS600 for 1200 equivalent watts, 200 wall Watts. She vegged for two months then I flipped her to...
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    Light Question

    In one of my tents (3'x3'x6') I have a: Mars Hydro Ts600 white (100w wall pull. I have a Mars Hydro Eco 300 burple (105w wall pull) Bertha a 3'x3' foot wide by 2' tall LST (Bag Seed) Female just flipped to (12/12) just started popping little flowers (yay). Will it be okay to add the eco 300...
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    How is this looking?

    Take a look at this plant and any comments/help welcome!
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