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  1. ridefas78

    Early growth deficiency help

    I am growing some blue cookies from cropking and the one has started to develop this tan spot and im not entirely sure as I'm still learning. I have them im coco and have only been watering with ph water. Still quite young to need/want nutes right? They've sprouted on 6/29.
  2. ridefas78

    3gal-5gal pot difference

    These are the same strain and popped the same time. Fed all the same stuff and cared for equally besides one is in a 3 gal pot and one is in a 5gal pot. Flipped them this week. The plant in the 5 gal pot got alot bigger in size(obviously) but the 3 gal kept the node spacing alot tighter. Is this...
  3. ridefas78

    What do you use for pH up?

    i'm currently using general hydroponics for ph up and after i mix all my nutes my ph is around 5-5.5 and takes quite a bit of ph up to get it where it's suppose to be and then my ppm shoots crazy high because of it. so my question is could there be a better ph up than i'm using or a better method?
  4. ridefas78

    Frostiest strains you've grown?

    what are the frostiest strains you've grown, but with pictures of course:bong::bong::bong:. my ladies are about 4 weeks in and packing it on and i'm just salivating daily when i look into the tent
  5. ridefas78

    Curious to see how this goes

    I ordered another tent and lights fan blah blah blah. So in my 4x4 tent I have 2 of the budget grow lights series 3+ rspec250 watt xl. For my other tent I ordered two of the series 3+ full spec 250 watt xl.so for the last half of flower i threw in a 3rd into my 4x4 tent so there's 750 watts in...
  6. ridefas78

    Tent humidity control

    i'm having trouble now that i'm getting into week 4 of flower my rh especially at night is making me worry. i have 6 plants in a 4x4 with a 20 pint dehumidifier. i have a ac infinity fan that i've just set to always run at medium speed that's exhausting out a window and i have a cheap inline...
  7. ridefas78

    How to flush properly?

    i'm sorry for asking all these dumb n stupid questions that i'm sure have been asked before. my local hydro store stocks fox farms products, so i picked up some of the sledgehammer. how to properly flush do i need to remove my plants from my tent to have a constant flush or do you just water the...
  8. ridefas78

    Is this a problem?

    I've been noticing the past few weeks my fan leaves haven't been as thick as they omce were. I'm feeding general hydroponics grow, micro,bloom also have cal mag. Following their feeding schedule. Ph is always between 6.0-6.2 im growing in coco. Any suggestions?
  9. ridefas78

    Chloramine removal?

    i did a little search to find a few ways to remove by adding in with the water and mixing. i was looking for basically a aio ro system so i wouldn't have to buy a regular ro system plus a method to remove the chloramine. i looked online and found some extreamly expensive methods but i don't have...
  10. ridefas78

    Air Conditioning

    i have a 4x4 tent and i have a duct coming from the ac into the tent for fresh cool air. I'm wondering if having the duct come in at the bottom against one of the pots is it better to just have the air coming in from up high?
  11. ridefas78

    Male plant?

    This is a male correct?
  12. ridefas78

    Grow tent filtration

    i ordered a carbon ace filter 6"x 23" and says 550 cfm. what does that mean on the filter? i ordered a ac infinity*just waiting on the mail* now the fan is 402. is that going to be a problem? am i going to need more? my tent is a 4x4 and i have budgetled growlights in it with the ballast...
  13. ridefas78

    My first leaf strip, talk about scared

    i did my first leaf strip leading up to flower. did alot of research and watched alot of videos and it was reassuring but i was nervous!! i kept checking on them like children after to make sure they didn't start dying lol. then today i really got to see the bounce back. i'm learning alot about...
  14. ridefas78

    Grow Updates Of Random Strain

    going to do a little photo log week to week of a random seed grow. i was given a bunch of seeds i was told was from seeded but from a ogre strain. so far they've all been growing well. going to start with this weeks transplant and lst.
  15. ridefas78

    Watering and medium questions

    newbie here, i live in a area where i have town water and have too much chlorine to use tap water. what i do then is i use the runoff water through my gutter for rain water. Haven't had any problems with anything as of yet but this should be a good water source right? second question is about...
  16. ridefas78

    First timer here

    hey my names josh i'm currently on my first ever grow of a random strain of seeds i was given. so far everything is going quite well, I've done some lst and have been feeding them general hydroponics nutes growing in fox farm coca soil. right now i have 12 plants cramed into a 4x3 under a mars...
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