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  1. skirk


    No cons. Organic soil auto grower.
  2. skirk

    What should I do to help my seedling stand up straight? *Pics Included*

    Fashion a support, lower light to 24" and get a breeze on it.
  3. skirk

    First time grower confused with LEDs

    Wait for it.Believe me it's coming.
  4. skirk

    First time FIM

    Great pics and graphics. When I edit my shots I have to draw with the mouse and it looks like shite.
  5. skirk

    Do you even bend bro?

    I bend 'em like Beckham. Organic soil auto grower.
  6. skirk

    Quickest auto

    That's thinking out of the box to get them started. I use a lighter soil ( FF LightWarrior) as well in top third of my 5 gal pots to get good tap and lateral root development before it hits my dry granular fertilizer amended mix. Not for nothing @TheNuttyProfessor, I utilize fabric as well and...
  7. skirk

    Quickest auto

    I haven't done their Northern Lights in 5 years and don't recall the particulars, but I routinely yield 6-8 dry ounces with their strains. Organic soil auto grower.
  8. skirk

    Quickest auto

    Always a good root ball with air pots.
  9. skirk

    Quickest auto

    75-80 days. MOC is the best. I now grow their Auto BlueBerry Domina. 65-75 days. Every time.
  10. skirk

    Camera's filters and phones

    I really enjoy seeing quality pictures on these forums. Especially when you can enlarge and they maintain resolution. I don't know how it work,s but I like.
  11. skirk

    Please help!

    According to the 09/13 GWE newsletter "What makes leaves turn yellow". I reckon you can narrow it down. Root pH Poor watering practices Nitrogen Deficiency Light Burn Heat Stress/Cold Shock Magnesium Deficiency Iron Deficiency Not Enough Light (Seedlings) Bugs or Pests Bud Rot Also included...
  12. skirk

    How to save money on fertilizer

    I amend my soil with an organic dry granular slow release fertilizer at the recommended dosage of 2 tablespoons/gal of pot size, or 10 tbs/5oz.. per my 5 gal pots. Works out to 25 cents per plant. But I grow autos. I'm sure price would easily double with longer time frame photos. Cost per 40lb...
  13. skirk

    Alternative to FF Ocean Forest

    As an effective preventative for soil-based larvae that may be included in my bagged medium of choice, I use cold pressed orange oil, 2oz./gal water when I pre moisten soil before transplant with great success and reapply at 2-3 week intervals. Organic soil auto grower.
  14. skirk

    I Need Advice Please

    Lose the dome. Domes are for clones. Dim your Mars to 75-100 watts and drop to 18. Not for nothing, I transfer my Jiffy's to pre-moistened 5 gal pots day after sprout. Organic soil auto grower.
  15. skirk

    Why do we use pot fertiliser?

    I concur. $29 for 40lb. It takes 12 tablespoon per 5 gal pot. A fool and his money are soon departed. Organic soil auto grower.
  16. skirk

    Hello Everyone!

    Born and raised in Vallejo for fifty years. Left in 2000 and never looked back. Timing is everything.
  17. skirk

    Looking for advice to relocating

    Keene, New Hampshire
  18. skirk

    Fungus Gnats

    I gave you misinformation on the Spinosad soap. It's for aphid and mite control. You're spot on with the 3% H202 at a 1:4 ratio /water. @ Bush Doctor 77 method is effective as well. My bad, I'm an old and had a senior moment.
  19. skirk

    Fungus Gnats

  20. skirk

    Fungus Gnats

    The larvae are in the soil, feeding on roots.
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