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  1. 1969gtx

    New Sponsor: Oregon Hemp Flower 20% Off Coupon Code - List & Prices

    You may want to look at your web sight and its shipping estimator. You are losing customers for sure. Here is an example: shipping to Michigan. 1lb is $16 and change to ship USPS priority. 1 oz added to the order, shipping is now 28 dollars. 4 of the 2 packs of cigarette tubes...
  2. 1969gtx

    The Vault: Plenty For 420

    Thank you sir!
  3. 1969gtx

    Win Dinafem Cannabis Seeds At The Vault

    I've only tried the White widow XXL auto. Plant was healthy, smoke was great!
  4. 1969gtx

    Royal Queen Seeds Promo At The Vault

    Thanks George! I had a very nice RQS diesel auto last grow. Loved it!
  5. 1969gtx

    Gorilla Seeds: Win Fast Buds Original Auto Amnesia Haze

    Original auto amnesia haze sounds yummy, I'm in.
  6. 1969gtx

    New Year Special!

    Their web sight says no shipping to US, or payments from US. bummer
  7. 1969gtx

    Win Purple Lemonade From Gorilla Seeds

    Thanks Gorrila seeds for the opportunity.
  8. 1969gtx

    It's Kushmas At The Vault

    Thanks George! Barneys, seedsman, Canuck seeds, dinafem, and blimburn seeds have all been good to me this year. I think the best was Barneys. I'm all over sweet seeds in 2020!
  9. 1969gtx

    Osram Or Sansumg? Mars Hydro New Light Investigation

    Wow, excactly what I was thinking! Sounds like a r-spec or b-spec with the added osram.
  10. 1969gtx

    Over-dried my WW autos

    Boveda packs, or their equivalent work great. Every grow store has them, cigar shops, amazon, ect.
  11. 1969gtx

    Michigan Growers Unite!

    I'm still laughing about your favorite edible being bacon. I'm with ya turbo. I'm still dumbfounded at the application fees just at the township level. Non-refundable $5000 fee just to turn in the papers in my area. And that was for medical. They still haven't came to terms with...
  12. 1969gtx

    It has led me here

    Welcome, and thank you for your service. You've come to the right place, lots of info, and great people.
  13. 1969gtx

    Michigan Growers Unite!

    Oh hell, I'm a sucker for seeds also. I'd be up for a 50 dollar donation. I just ran a few of the seedsman NL auto's for fun. Tasty.
  14. 1969gtx

    Looking at joining the rosin world, which press?

    I've never messed with rosin, but I'm sure once I do, I won't look back. I won't use it much, but I'd rather buy a nice one the first time. That's one of the units I was looking at. Looks fun!
  15. 1969gtx

    Looking at joining the rosin world, which press?

    I'm only doing this for the science and the fun. I don't need a commercial unit, but I like a quality piece. I see @Dutchman1990 is doing wonders with a Dabpress, @Grandpa Tokin is oozing out golden goodness with a DIY unit. So far, I've been torn between the 6 ton dabpress, the dulytek dp7...
  16. 1969gtx

    Candida CD-1, Bright Light: A Community Grow Journal

    Well, I'm glad I looked at this journal. I've seen CD-1 listed a zillion times, but I never looked at what the parent strains were. I'd been keeping an eye out for ac/dc or harlequin seeds, so cd-1 sounds perfect. The bummer is, I just did a seedsman order last night! Thanks for enlightening...
  17. 1969gtx

    Green Friday At The Vault: Insane Offers

    Thanks George. Fem bundle
  18. 1969gtx

    Mars Hydro Black Friday Giveaway, 2019.11

    Thanks for the heads up @TurboBucket ! @SmokeLake @West Hippie @parnelli #marshydroblackfridaysalesrock
  19. 1969gtx

    Bomb Seeds Promo Explodes At The Vault!

    Thanks George!
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