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    Looking for a place to trim in the winter!

    Hey guys, I've been cruising around the forums for a little over a year and had several harvests. I currently reside in Alaska, and I'm looking to do a little traveling. I want to go down to California and maybe do some trimming for a couple months. Does anyone have any good references or...
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    White widow turned fermie?

    I purchased a few white widow autos, which have been in hydro for some time. One has started budding, but the other three have not shown a single hair. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Odd new growth? Normal?

    It seemed like the buds were just about to finish growing taller, but I woke up this morning and notice all these huge pistills sitting on top of the buds. Does this seem normal? Sent from my LG-H820 using 420 Magazine Mobile App
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    Name This Pest?

    Guys I need some info on this pest, I've looked around and didn't find anything quite like it. Any help is appreciated thanks!
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    Flushing Questions

    Hey boys, hope ya'll are having a great day! I have a couple questions regarding flushing. I've been giving my plants nutrients from pretty much the time they were vegging to today. One of my girls is pretty much ready for the chop, but I'm debating about giving it a couple good flushes...
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    General Questions About DWC & Autos

    This is my first DWC experience, and it started a little shaky. The plant was an auto that was stunted at growth (not sure why). So I yanked it from soil and put it in my DWC bucket. Low and behold it is now growing at a pretty fast rate. So here are my questions: 1. For a first timer...
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    Second Grow - Plant Shoot

    Well here's one of my girls from my second grow. This is my first post on 420 magazine. about the plants: Lights: Vegged T5 24/7, then Mars Hydro 900 Watt Led 12/12 Soil: Fox Farms, Ocean Forest Here she is, any feedback is appreciated:
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