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  1. Mosaicmind9x

    Nearing harvest

    NL Auto in coco. Week 10 (#5 flower)
  2. Mosaicmind9x

    NL moving into flower

    Week 5 in coco under TS 1000. Alternating between nutes and pH water each day.
  3. Mosaicmind9x

    Top, LST, both?

    NL Auto in coco + perlite 3gal fabric pot. 2x2x4 grow tent.
  4. Mosaicmind9x


    removed the dome last nightand beginning light nutes on next feeding
  5. Mosaicmind9x


    20hrs above ground, she looking ok?
  6. Mosaicmind9x

    Seedling help

    Hello everyone. I dropped a pineapple express yesterday and it has a small tail in the ppt <.5". My final medium is coco+perlite, but I plan to put the seed in a jiffy pellet first. I have a few different lights for seedlings and will then switch to a MH TS1000 when it goes in the tent. My...
  7. Mosaicmind9x

    Best 3x3 grow space LED

    Looking to upgrade to a 3x3 tent, any recommendations on a LED/QB light?
  8. Mosaicmind9x

    Hello all

    Beginning a new grow in a 2x2x4 tent with my lil Blurple light, i know i know :rolleyes:, I am doing 2 autos from a Seed Man (Anubis and NL x BB). My medium is Coco/Perlite in 3# grow bags. Nute wise, Ill be using GH Flora series with cal/mag. Any suggestions/tips are always appreciated. Also, I...
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