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    100% pure sativa fast flowering?

    anybody know a pure sativa with fast flowering time?
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    Making seeds - Auto mother with photo father or vice versa?

    which way round? or what would the differences be doing the other way auto father instead?
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    Is there a way to grow organic with autopots?

    on their site it says it will clog the pipes.
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    Ever revegged a plant by accident? lol

    half way through flowering. timer switch flipped to always on by mistake! doh! not sure when? 1 to 2 weeks ago maybe.. revegged single leaves developed and pistols turnt half orange. new shoots are sprouting all over the tops. flipped it back to 12/12 today. what happens now? dont...
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    Topical dermal carrier for application over skin

    Dmso could be very effective in for carrying through the skin directly towards a tumour for treating cancer etc. HAs anyome else tried it yet? I have seen shrinkage however cant confirm as its combined with conventional radiotherapy.
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    Organic grows and molasses

    so I fed my plant nothing but mollasses and canna organic nutes (which strangely resembles molasses) in soil. Now my plant smells and tastes of soil and molasses. "well duh" you might say lol but is this generally normal?
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    Which substances are different between sativas and indicas?

    what is it that gives the differences in effects?
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    How to partial harvest an auto.cut main once low or individual?

    What's the least stressful, cutting each bud off up high on the thinner stems or cut the thick stem once down the bottom?
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    Partial harvest on an auto? Leaving auto past ripe to get seeds?

    are the things in the title possible? Has anyone harvested an auto and left buds on a bottom node to grow out and make seeds without pollen?
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    Harvesting an auto question?

    Do you harvest when the top buds are ready even if the bottom are still just white hairs? Or wait till the bottom hairs go orange and fill out the whole plant?
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    Freezer drying

    I'm interested in freeze drying. Do you just put the fresh plant minus the soil straight into the freezer and leave it for a week or two?
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    Autoflower mixed with photos dilemma

    my photo plants have grown into eachother and need to go 12/12 ASAP. I dont want to mess up my auto though. Can I push the light cycle back up after a few days to maybe 15/9 and still keep the photo plants in flowering?
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    Bat guano powder

    adding some to the top of the soil to help flowering. How will it take to go into the plant? Bottom feeding system through an auto pot.
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    Most efficient veg time or size before flip?

    Have mode a voting poll, lets get voting! I am trying to find out when its best to flip to 12/12 on photos. I have done a search and found many different answers which is confusing. Some of the answers I found are: It is best to veg for 4 weeks It is best to veg for 6 weeks It is best...
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    Pot size - Is deeper better?

    Have the choice of (8.5 litres or 15 litres) in the same place. 15 litres is same size but taller. 4 plants will be under 300w of LED. Space is tight and pots are only are few inches from the wall so can only go deeper not wider. What size is best to go with? pros and cons?
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