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    Infused oil

    First attempt at making this sunflower oil infused with thc from clippings. I went a placed 6 cups of sunflower oil along with 6 cups of Decarbed weed into large pot, then added 4 cups of water & 6 teaspoons of lecithin and placed on low heat. Just want to ask am I going to be able to either...
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    Cant wait to light this sweetheart up :) grown in soil, week 7
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    New light

    Just ordered the aglex 2000 and wanted to get a few opinions on the light and how well it may perform in veg & if it would be sufficient for flowering. Thanks.
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    Couple more days

    First time growing this hidden Gem & wont be the last either :ganjamon: Heres a few pics before D day :cough: hope yah like em & be sure to leave a comment.
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    First attempt at this fine lady and she sure smells great, looking forward to spinning one up soonish.
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    Good genetics

    Looking for some good old school strains, anyone no where to take a peak?
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    Quebec Gold 2.0

    Another first and definetly wont be my last with a flowering time of 45-50 Days and dam dank too. :lot-o-toke::cough:
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    OG Kush Day 56

    First time growing this gem and I must say the aroma it gives of :yummy: cant wait till she cures but so far so good.
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    Purple Romulan Day 56

    On her final voyage, it's been a pleasure to grow and ohh the smell of sweet Grapes :ganjamon: First attempt at this lovely lady and I'll deffinetly be giving it another go.
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    Quebec Gold

    Here she is on Day 25 of flower and really bushing out with nice flowers :ganjamon: Grown in soil from seed.
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    Grapefruit Kush

    The start of week 5 :hookah: just gave the girls a good feeding tonight & they were thirsty lil sweethearts :cough: One of these days I'll get around to doing a journal, until then I'll enjoy any & all comments.
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    Quebec Gold, Purple Romulan, OG & Critical Kush

    Got my ladies all set up in their new digs this month. Absolutly loving the extra room a 4x8x80 gives a person :ganjamon: first time growing the first 3 strains & I always enjoy the ride into the unknown and the high afterwards. I've heard that the QG is a heavy yielded which I'm hoping can...
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    Grapefruit Kush

    Just started the 4th week yesterday and seem to be coming along just fine :) looking forward to seeing how this does using different Nutes this time.
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    Breakfast is served

    :ganjamon: Having a time :ganjamon::volcano-smiley:
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    Poison Skunk yummy

    On her final voyage :hookah:
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    Quebec Gold 2.0, Purple Romulan & OG Kush

    Few new ladies on the go :ganjamon: Looking forward to seeing how well the Quebec gold does in comparison to what they say.. time will only tell... also another interesting strain on the go is the purple romulan :volcano-smiley: 12 days from seed sprouting on all strains. Grown in soil &...
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    Grapefruit Kush

    Coming along pretty decent and almost ready to flippy flippy :55:
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    Upping pot size during flower, is this possible and if yes until what week?

    I’ve upped my plants when they were two weeks into flower & had know issue but I’m currently starting week 5 on Wednesday and wondering if it might hermie on me?
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    Grapefruit Kush

    Coming along just fine under this led set up I have going in my 4x4 veg tent. Trying out this lovely strain again as I had Great results this time last year with exact same strain. Grown in promix & perlite in 5 gallon pots. Advanced nutrients ph balanced, along with cal mag, b1 and silica...
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    Poison skunk

    What a Great strain and amazing taste
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