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    Help needed

    I have just stupidly paid someone I thought I could trust £1,815 for 90ml of cannabis oil which after finishing the course I have been told my Breast cancer cancer had actually spread to my liver!!! so the oil which later found was made from various buds and bits of the plant. So can anyone...
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    Potent Healing Power Of Terpenes Found In Medical Cannabis

    Hello Katlyn So which strain of cannabis has the most cancer healing properties please?
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    In need of advice

    Hi HizzyB Thank you for getting in touch hope you dont mind me asking but are you taking it for medicinal purposes?
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    Which seed or strain is used to make medicinal oil

    Please can you tell me which seeds do I need to buy to make rick simpsons cannabis oil
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    In need of advice

    go on to the rick simpsons run from the cure site
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    Compendium of High CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds

    Which strain of seeds would be the best to use for making oil to treat cancer?
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