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    Symbiotic relationships and flower essences alternative style growing

    Here is my thread about Cannabis and her symbiotic RELATIONSHIPS with other living fruits vegetables as well as bushes trees and mushrooms... I have a great deal of LOVE for cannabis and it's most epic of character! MARIJUANA being as she is beautiful and fruitful I have come to enjoy her...

    Ultimate Organic Nutrients

    Hey everyone ! I wanted to start an in depth conversation on the best and most efficient pure organic nutrients that can be used for maximum quality, cleanliness and purity IN the sense of the word "ORGANIC".. I will start off by saying this.... I have used many methods and applications in...

    New Member Experienced Grower

    Hey everybody KUSHMAN zam here ... just wanted to be a part of the community to share my personal knowledge and experience in photos and take you on an educational journey of green thumbery and help the newer and more experienced gardeners as well... Bouncing ideas off of eachother is the best...
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