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    1st Time Grow Jack Diesel Sativa Indoor CCOB w LST Hydro

    Lovely cannabis Christmas tree. Was not able to see this thread last month I was away for the holidays. I have a pic to share too but I guess it's no longer Christmas time so sorry me. :)
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    NYPD & More

    If they all saw light at the same time then that one is really problematic. At least you still got two lovely NYPDs ging strong.
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    Curious about seeds

    Schwag they are called because of the process that went with it. But the seeds you find are most likely the same strains sold commercially. you just don't know them strains but if you got the seeds to germ, you have a good chance of getting either sativa or indica similar to those sold as Chronic.
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    Opinions Needed on LED Lights!

    re: Opinions Needed on LED Lights! This is quite a read :thumb: You got my attention first with your "Flat Scrog" Can you please expound on it if possible as short as you can. Cheers! :)
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    When to flush

    With those narrow leaves alone, I could say it is a sativa dominant variety so you could be looking at least 10 weeks possibly 12 weeks so better be ready to wait some more. At any rate, you can be the better judge as you see the buds growing and maturing towards the finish. I'd say take care...
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    First Grow of Many

    Rooters.. They are used to help your clones or germed seeds to take root faster. There are lots of rooters you can buy. Some of them popular while others are heavily promoted but with not many good reviews. :)
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    When to flush

    Is there a different take on a 2-week flushing method from other growers here? 2 weeks is just too long for me and could result to starving the plants far too long and affecting its overall health especially the buds. Just my take. :)
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    Indoor Soil Grow 9 Different Breeds

    I'm still like this :) Somehow I believe the sweet talks get them to be healthier and produce more buds. lol. But hey, they're like my babies so just right to talk to them. Gets me off the stress path at the same time.
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    Problem with the flowering stage

    How much leaves did you remove? Leaves play a central part in the flowering of plants. They are like energy absorbers from the lights that you have. If you take out too many leaves that would be bad and yes, may delay budding for the plant to recover from the stress caused by losing too many leaves.
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    Dennise - No Longer The Newest Of Newbies - Not Growing In MG - Perpetual

    Those are really lovely plants you have there growing. If they are your own unique cross I'd say you have to name them Denise Charm. Sounds fit to the T right? :bravo:
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    How many hours of light do I need for veg growth?

    They need to rest alright but not when you want them to continue growing. with 24/0 they'd keep growing and not bud at all. Same is true with 18/6 for all intent and purposes. Giving them 12 hr dark periods will induce to go budding. So they will not rest at all. What's important is not to...
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    Cannafan's Perpetual Grow White Widow-Master Kush Reveg & More! CFL's - LED - HPS

    re: Cannafan's Perpetual Grow White Widow-Master Kush Reveg and More! CFL's/LED/HPS Merry Christmas everybody. Late it ay be for most of use here but wanting to just greet you guys a happy toked Christmas! :cheer2:
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    Indoor Soil Grow 9 Different Breeds

    Nice garden you have there Mate. This bloke wants to have the same expertise as you but still has to do it slowly. :high-five: Have right now indoors just six plants and they are all of the same strain. Will bookmark this thread and follow your method and tips. Congrats Mate and good luck on...
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    A lil help please

    This thread may be a bit old and htownbulldog may have forgotten to come back and give update. I also want to learn more about using coco coir so would want an update if he did okay with his weed plants.
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    How long can you keep your plant in Veg phase?

    You keep them in veg for as long as you want. read somewhere that a marijuana pant can be kept in veg even for ten years. You just have to apply 24 hour light with no dark periods. Pretty expensive ha? :)
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    Medical Cannabis for Autism: The Story of Mieko and Joey Perez

    Them doctors are puppets of pharmaceutical pharmacies plain and simple. The drug companies finance their junkets, give them conventions, treat them to nice restaurants, hotels and other privileges. It is also the reason why generic medicines sales are slow because doctors don't prescribe them...
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    Welcome Our New Sponsor MJ Seeds Canada

    I have 6 beans sprouted. :cheer2: Germed three from diesel and 3 more from the free seeds. Wanted to find out if the free seeds will sprout so I tried. Seems they are the same Diesel strain but will need to see some true set of leaves in a few days time. Busy days ahead for me. :)
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    Hodder's Scrog - MK Ultra - Soil - HPS - Air Pot

    All greens very nice grow you have there. envy you and would like to be in your place figuratively. But have to wait till I got mine all six growing and blooming. :goodjob: :thumb:
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    Welcome Our New Sponsor MJ Seeds Canada

    Just got them beans soaked and germing. started with 6 beans. 3 from the diesel pack and another 3 from the free seeds. Just want to find out if the free seeds are also good to germ so I can report immediately. But hey, it's free right so not much there to argue. :) Will be back when I see them...
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    Hindu Kush

    It is just a matter of time IMO. Marijuana is starting to be legalized although slowly but definitely surely. Colorado and Washington are just the teasers. Uruguay already moved to legalize marijuana and allowing people to grow a certain number of weed plants. Same thing with how much they can...
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