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  1. Philsthetent

    New product - Nanner hammocks

    Making light of a serious situation... please take this as a joke [emoji51] "Nanner hammocks"[emoji768][emoji769][emoji767] "keep them nanners covered up!" That is all -
  2. Philsthetent

    What now?

    Well first day of week six and my girls had a surprise for me --- 3 more weeks left -[emoji36][emoji30][emoji31][emoji24]
  3. Philsthetent

    Need diagnosis, thoughts, opinions please!

    Ok so entering week 5 of flower - this is happening on only a few leaves near the light , but it is worrying me - take a loook- Is it a pest, deficiency or , tiny little light burns ? I haven't sprayed anything in a few weeks , but was having a high humidity issue for a bit, then added...
  4. Philsthetent


    Hey all I'm having some minor humidity issues - around 50-60 w/ lights on but spiking to about 75-80 in the night cycle . Exhaust and plenty of fans . I know I need to lower it . My question is has any one tried or heard of this product working?? New and Improved Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Mini...
  5. Philsthetent

    Opinions please

    Debating with my pal , he thinks bigger is better , and by bigger he MEANS bigger , I think a few smaller plants would be better and faster ... here's a glimpse of his idea of bigger - I was like WOW they look gargantuan [emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102]
  6. Philsthetent

    4 Strain Grow Started March 5 2017 - G-13 - Erk Train x Deadhead OG - Facewreck

    Ok so keeping it simple - I used to do this on a large scale but it's been 12 years and now it's legalish recreationally in MA. So I can have 12 rooted plants so here I go!! 3x3 tent , 400 w mh/ hps , 8" Blauberg exalhaust fan. Small fans to move air around. Fox farm ocean forest mixed with...
  7. Philsthetent


    Never seen this damage before? Once it started I added a thin layer of diatomaceous earth, neem oiled several times and have now used fox farm don't bug me ( pyrethrum ). Also haven't ever noticed any bugs flying or crawling around... doesn't look like mite damage to me but I'm not certain ...
  8. Philsthetent

    Please help me identify this pest!

    So I've never seen big damage like this . Any ideas anyone?? Since seeing the bites, I have neemed, added diatomaceous earth to the top of the soil, and today I sprayed with fox farm don't bug me ( pyrethrums ). Hopefully I killed it but I have never seen any bugs flying or moving around.
  9. Philsthetent

    My ladies

    So here are 4 different strains , 2 almost pure indica and 2 almost pure sativa about one week in flower .. And here are pics from beginning of march through today - All in a 3x3 tent under 400 w mh so far , one week in flower , 4 weeks veg on sativa , 2 week veg on indica
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