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  1. Djodjo2020

    These are coming through week two of flower

    They look so nice.
  2. Djodjo2020

    Opening to a smile: always nice

    These are the mataro blue I’ve had going for over ten weeks now all in, and they are finally taking shape. I just really liked how they looked tonight so I thought I would share.
  3. Djodjo2020

    Mataro Blue

    Raising the lights! From 22-28 inch difference. I think I’ll keep them high. The first pic is 22” above. Second is 28” above after 24 hr. See for yourself these sf2000 burn bright.
  4. Djodjo2020

    Quantum Board LED or HPS?

    I’m currently using two spider farmer sf2000s in a 4x4 tent. First grow and I hope I’m not missing anything. Tried mh at first but my tent got way too hot. Are hps that much better that they are worth the extra heat now?
  5. Djodjo2020

    Mataro Blue: last week till they hit 12/12

    This veg stage was definitely a learning experience. From setting up smaller led lights, to mh which were way too hot for my 4x4 tent, to finally two spider farmer sf2000 lights, underfeeding, over feeding. Man was it a full time job. But finally after I relaxed, lifted the lights to 25” from...
  6. Djodjo2020

    Just Starting To Dial Back The Sun: Mataro Blue

    I’m going to be shortening the days to 12/12 by 1/2 hour each day. It will be 8 weeks in veg. Two autos on the side going into veg tent end of week. I have two spider farmer sf2000 lights that I’m very happy with. This is in a 4x4 tent.
  7. Djodjo2020

    What are your thoughts?

    I’m currently setting up a 2x4 veg tent and was wanting to take my two leds from main tent and replace it with a HID for flower. I’m keeping my quantum board in the flower as well. Will these lights work together?
  8. Djodjo2020

    Mataro Blue Grow Journal

    Well I’m at 1 month now for these four and I’ve had a few obstacles that I’m working through. First one was a little nutz burn, followed by over heat in the tent and higher humidity levels then ideal. So the first two pics are at 24 days and the start of problems.
  9. Djodjo2020

    Help my plants need help

    So over the last two days, the top of the plants leaves have been getting a lighter green with yellow tips. I’m still having to water down the nutz due to every time I follow feed chart from future harvest I get nutz burn. I’ve checked the ph of nutz, it’s 6.0 after mixing and water is 6.35...
  10. Djodjo2020

    How and when to clone

    Hi there just looking for everyone’s thoughts and suggestions in regards to cloning? I’m very new to this. This is my first grow and any info is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Djodjo2020

    Everyone’s take on LED lights

    So what is everyone’s thoughts on LED lights. I’m running 2 1000 watt leds, which are a true 200 w each, in a 4x4 tent. I think they are doing fine. But what do you think?
  12. Djodjo2020

    Mataro Blue

    Well these 4 are coming along great other then they suffered a little nutz burn 4 days ago, going to water down nutz in half. Is it necessary to add nutz. What are your guys thoughts? These are at 25 days in.
  13. Djodjo2020

    Mataro Blue Indica 22 Days Old

    Indica from seed on its way. To start off I’d like to say hi and thank you for the look. I’m new to this Growing community but I believe I have jumped in with both feet. Currently I’m tracking my days of watering and days I’m adding nutz. These are in fabric pots under two 1000 watt led( so...
  14. Djodjo2020

    New to the show

    Hey there take a look at my first grow. 22 days indoor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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