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  1. Sister Vee

    The Cannabis Coconut Connection ® Recipe

    It is really important to me that at least one person per household knows how to produce Cannabis medicine, and can then teach others to grow and produce high-quality medicine in the privacy of their home and heal themselves from almost any medical condition. Everyone should be consuming a daily...
  2. Sister Vee

    The Cannabis Coconut Connection

    The Unique Healing Abilities of Cannabis and Coconut One thing I can tell you for free is that, if the coconut plant possessed psychedelic properties it would also have been illegal. Even though there are no psychoactive chemicals in the coconut tree, both Cannabis and coconut have a history of...
  3. Sister Vee

    Cannabis and end of life care

    Can Cannabis play a role in palliative care? In my life ii have been using Cannabis to save people’s lives from some of the most horrific medical conditions even ii have ever seen and while Cannabis has already saved millions of lives in medical miracles over the years Cannabis is also the most...
  4. Sister Vee

    Cannabis and our memory

    Can Cannabis help filter us to filter painful memories and fear? One of the greatest scare tactics involving Cannabis use is loss of memory…so how do we explain this 30 second short term memory loss in certain people because not everyone experiences this lapse of memory when using Cannabis...
  5. Sister Vee

    Why does Cannabis make us laugh?

    Is the EC system responsible for human laughter? One of the 5 simple questions which science still cannot answer is “Why do humans laugh?” because very little is known about how the brain produces laughter. If you look on the net you will find some studies where thousands of people have been...
  6. Sister Vee

    Why does Cannabis make our eyes red?

    Interestingly enough the reason our eyes become red after smoking Cannabis is also the main reason why Cannabis is becoming renowned for its treatment of glaucoma. Basically Cannabis reduces blood pressure, which in turn causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate. The ocular capillaries...
  7. Sister Vee

    Why does Cannabis make us sleep so well?

    We know that Cannabis is the best medicine for uninterrupted sleep cycles which is essential to overall health and well -being. Insomnia is usually the biggest problem for any sick person. Not only ill people struggle to sleep there are many healthy people who will also benefit from a good night...
  8. Sister Vee

    Cannabis and the chakra system

    Why is the chakra system so important? It is interesting to note, that the main control structure for our entire chakra system is found in the Endocrine system, our hormone system. Throughout this book we will examine the regulating role of the EC system over the human hormone system. By...
  9. Sister Vee

    Can cannabis replace vaccines? Case study

    Can Cannabis Replace vaccines? Dedicated to Professor Ester Fride It's not every day that a 2 month old baby gets admitted to hospital and leaves without having any medicine administered. The parents of this baby made a decision after a traumatic few nights after this baby's first set...
  10. Sister Vee

    Can cannabis cure stress?

    CAN CANNABIS CURE STRESS? For over 5000 years now humans have known that the EC System is intricately linked to the pathway known as The Cortico-Limbic Circuit of the stress system which regulates the whole stress response. So we know that Cannabinoids regulate a variety of stress related...
  11. Sister Vee

    Can Cannabis cure Meniers Disease? Tinnitus and vertigo

    CAN CANNABIS CURE MENIERE'S DISEASE? WHAT IS MENIERES DISEASE? Meniere's disease is a fairly new condition officially identified in 2005, although the first description of this condition appeared in 1861 by French physician Prosper Meniere. So it is recorded as a rare disorder that...
  12. Sister Vee

    Stop thinking of cannabis as a drug

    Stop thinking of Cannabis as a drug... Right now around the world there is a tremendous amount of confusion about the Cannabis situation. Some people act as though it is completely legal. Marketing and selling their products all over the internet and organising conferences for medical doctors...
  13. Sister Vee

    Can cannabis replace vaccines? In honour of Professor Ester Fride

    Can Cannabis Replace vaccines? Dedicated to Professor Ester Fride Professor Ester Fride was the Dutch Israeli scientist who proved that mammals could not suckle and survive without a fully developed EC System. The medical implications of her work are far reaching and her work proved...
  14. Sister Vee

    Cannabis Is The Human Companion Plant - The Consciousness Of Cannabis

    THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE CANNABIS PLANT ~ How a plant earns the right to be loved, respected and praised... Does the Cannabis Plant have its own consciousness? Through the teachings of my Elders ii have always believed that the Cannabis plant is the Holy Herb and the 'Tree of Life of which...
  15. Sister Vee

    Can Cannabis cure Fibromyalgia?

  16. Sister Vee

    What is the correct pronounciation of "Cannabinoid"?

    Greetings, here is a question which has been plaguing ii for so many years now...all the people ii have asked about this all say the same thing...colloquialism ...and it doesnt mean anything .... In the old days we (Rastafari) always referred to the EC System as the "THC Receptors" because...
  17. Sister Vee


    Greetings Brothers and Sisters Its Sister Vee from South Africa and ii give thanks for this forum and everyone's contributions ii look forward to Cannabis Enlightment Blessed:circle-of-love:
  18. Sister Vee

    Is Cannabis the vital link between the EC system, Tachion energy & our blood system

    CANNABIS AND THE BLOOD SYSTEM PART 2 Is Cannabis the vital link between The EC System, Tachion Energy and our Blood System? People who know me well will tell you that ii have an overactive imagination because ii smoke too much Cannabis…ii have also been questioned about my “Bullshit...
  19. Sister Vee

    Can cannabis cure children - In honour of Dr Ester Fride

    CAN CANNABIS CURE CHILDREN? ~ IN HONOUR OF PROFESSOR ESTER FRIDE While most of the world is rushing around playing legal games about how to deliver Cannabis to the people instead of simply giving it back to us…the biggest question on my mind is What about the children? So now we know and have...
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