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    Remarkable discovery about LED lights!

    I went hog crazy when I started growing my plants. My first grow light was a Chinese nightmare, it claimed to be 1800 watts, but actually only draws 460 watts from the wall. With Ontario Canada's hydro rates, thank got the Chinese light doesn't draw 1800 watts. I bought an HG100 light, which...
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    Franken Clones

    I have 2 CBDCritical plants which I cloned a few months ago .. I kept them viable while my plants in the tent flourished.. now they are in the tent and .. weird plants! The most leaves that either plants have in any frond is 3 leaves, one plant has a majority of one leaf fronds .. These plants...
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    Harvesting, more fun than anything else in the world

    We all spend so much time with our plants, and we hope, and pray that they make it to harvest day. My first grow - with root rot - the harvest took 30 minutes .. 1.6 ounces. Forgot to mention this plant is CBDCritical from Barney's, but came to me via seedsman who sent me the free seeds...
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    Iced nutrients?

    The latest issue of Garden Culture magazine, has an article about freezing nutrients to aid blooming in the last week, does anyone here have any experience with this? The magazine article is entitled: Ice Bath Ripening
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    Harvesting question!

    This is only my 2nd grow, as you can see from the pix attached - I have many, many kola's and trichomes - I can see the white dust everywhere .. how do I try to harvest without losing all those loose trichomes, during drying many will fall off - so how do I try to save the white dust that we...
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    These ladies are a testament to how great this forum is

    These Ladies: CBDCritical x 2 and AFKush x 2 - are about 2 weeks from harvest. This is my 2nd grow - I've had so much help from so many here. In my first grow I harvested 1.6 ounces .. and the largest kola was the size of my little finger, some of these kola's are as big as my whole hand...
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    Not sure if this goes here, but!

    For those of you who live in Canada, and have a Giant Tiger store handy: This is perfect for Clones, I had my clones living in my bathtub till I came across this! These plant stands started off at $79.00 but this week only for $29. Here are my two clones in their new home. It may not work...
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    Any tips on how to raise LED lights higher in my tent?

    Plants CBDCrtical x2, and Afghani Kush x 2 - in 7 foot tent .. 4th week of bloom - buds doing great, but I'm running out of ceiling room, has anyone figured out a good way of raising led panels higher .. with the wires on the lights, and ratchet cables .. is there some cheap way to get another 6...
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    Thank You all so much!

    Normally, we only get growers with "problems", and "issues"! So I thought I'd post about my first COCO grow .. and how amazingly well it is growing. I don't have any issues or problems, other than the "Big One" ... my plants just won't quit growing. [please no posts about how to fix this...
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    Trimming question in Coco

    I have found Coco growing so much easier than soil growing, maybe that's just me. This is my 2nd grow (last one was in soil)! In my first grow - I just let the plants grow wild, and really enjoyed seeing how they grow. With my first Coco grow - I've done much more "grooming" and "trimming"...
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    The Ebner Effect! Do it yourself Electronic Field Generator

    Wow, this is pretty "out there" but - what do I know? This from the article: >>I came across an unusual video from the Ice Age Farmer2 on youtube describing an almost lost method of genetically altering seeds (and eggs) to strip them of hybridization and GMO processes, known as the Ebner...
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    Coco plants: growing like crazy

    Here are my CBDCritical, and AFKush plants - at week 5 and 4 respectively. These plants are growing so fast, the AFKush (A) has been topped, as well as the CBDCritical (B)! There is so much vegetation, that I'm overwhelmed! The plants are squat, and I'm okay with that .. but these are...
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    Can anyone tell me why a lot of nutes have As and Bs?

    Is this marketing, could they be combined into one bottle? I just haven't been around very long and wondered about that. Was there a time when nute's didn't come in the A/B format?
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    Man, I love Coco!

    Here are my plants today: The two CBD Critical's are 28 days from first popping their heads. [CBD(B) popped 3 days later than CBD (A)] The two AFKush plants are 21 days old, [AFK (A) popped 3 days earlier than AFK (B) .. but from the day it germinated - it has genetics that just had to get out...
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    This is an actual scientific study on how music affects germination!

    This research project is pretty amazing. They actually found that seeds will germinate better with Classical Music, Heavy Metal - not so much! Musc and Seed Germination. Man plants are just incredible, they have needs just like we do.
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    New Coco grower question

    This is my CBD Critical in a solo cup, it's almost ready to be transplanted.. My tent got a new light yesterday .. so with the increased light, and drying? Do these photos show salt buildup, in the drying coco or some fungal thing? The white spots are on my 3 seedlings in solo cups. This plant...
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    Merry Christmas to us all everyone

    The LGH group got my present to me just before Christmas. Bravo for their delivery work this time of year. Fantastic present, thanks to all of you here, who recommended this board to me.
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    Humidity Question

    I have several of the "free" magazines from my local hydro store - in the 4 magazines - there are 3 different recommendations for humidity levels. In my first grow .. I tried to keep the RH at around 40% .. but these mags recommend 70% humidity, in one case - and 40% in the other mags.
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    Watering question with seedlings in solo cup with Coco?

    I'm trying really hard not to overwater the solo cups, I give them a little sip - twice daily, very little runnoff. It seems there is a fine line, with Coco .. seedlings roots need to search for water, but with coco .. there is always water there.
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    Canada seems to be the dumping ground for discontinued products

    Canada may have legalized marijuana now, but growers are being shown a disservice - when they try to buy nutrients. Things change fast in the "NUTES" world, but as I am finding out .. Canada's hydro stores, (amazing people who help me so much) .. carry the products that major nute mfg's no...
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