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    Smoking While Pregnant

    sometimes you just have to chuckle at people ^^^^^^
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    Smoking While Pregnant

    Yaaaaay :) great to hear everything went well. the threats they gave you about taking the baby we just threats. My wife had toked when she felt she needed some relief while she was pregnant with all 3 children. The latest kid is funny, articulate, has great balance, adventurous, learns...
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    Average consumption

    An oz of kind bud lasts 2-3 weeks for me.
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    1st Medical Grow, 3 Strains in 2x4 Hydrohut

    just saw the final cut pics and BOO YAH - that looking really nice. great job,
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    Illinois Medical Marijuana doctor

    the law in IL is pretty lenient. 5 plants (or less) is a misdemeanor.
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    OldMedman Goes Indoors

    Hiiiii Lav, Long time ... hope you been good. I got to palaver with woodsman last friday. It was nice to exchange .. uh .. stories .. and such. It was a hot sunny day and we got baked. Wish you and OMM were here (actually, I think we both wish we were by you). Peace
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    Woodsman Outdoors

    Glad you enjoyed.
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    Woodsman Outdoors

    Woodsman. It was awesome getting to shoot the shit with you again. Thanks for everything.
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    New to soil (autoflowering)

    I agree with yarddog, go bigger, those little pots will produce stunted autos
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    New to soil (autoflowering)

    autoflowers will grow larger (to an extent) in a larger pot. a 1-2 gal pot will produce a smaller plant than a 3-5 gal pot. Do not transplant. put the seed (or seedling) in the final container
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    Woodsman Outdoors

    I dont see how this would be moved to abandoned. The grow is complete. Harvested / cured / and smoke reported. Please move to completed journals.
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    OldMedman Goes Indoors

    what the fuuuuuuuuuuuck I'm gone for 2 days. I miss the opening of this thread. And now I'm 8 pages behind. eight! that's got to be a record somewhere. Anyway. I didn't even read any of the thread. It will have to wait until morning. Peace.
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    CFL vs LED? Hard Decisions

    it'll all work out in the end. by work out ... I mean you will work it out and build it. then you will start seeing how to improve it and eventually you will want to work it out again.. Peace, - Joe
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    Super Stealth box

    yes, I bought the unit 2 years ago. Still works great. only drawback is the 3' length of the wires to the fans. I bought some quiet computer fans for like $15-$20 each and they all crapped out on me. Bought some cheapos for $4 each and they work at almost the same sound level and all still...
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    GrowLab Tent - Lemon OG Kush and Caramelicious

    Re: GrowLab Tent-Lemon Og Kush an Caramelicious yo, looking great. what size fan are you using to cool that hood with the 600?
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    X Marks the Spot - XLR8's Big Bang Auto Hydro Grow 2011

    wow, looking great. makes me want to get a tent and go camping too ques on the Mothership from BC Northern Lights ... what size fan in cfm (if you can find it) cools the 400 in there?
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    Dime's 12/12 From P.E. Bagseed CFL Grow

    man, my mouth is watering and my soul is singing the blues for some bbq. damn omm, good morning to you all
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    CFL vs LED? Hard Decisions

    As far as choosing lights, there seems to be more to consider. And having a plan and sticking to it will save you money in he long run. When I ran the 150hps ( no cooled hood ) in my cab ( 3 x 1.5 x 6 ft. ) I only had heat issues once when I forgot to turn on the exhaust fan/filter ( 50 cfm...
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