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  1. Oldgrower54

    Gardening with Dyslexia

    Hello All; Ever see the same question asked over and over by the same person? Has to be frustrating to those having to explain a simple concept,and likely or not, thinking your dealing with an idiot. I'm new to this site. Primarily because I imagine I've worn out my welcome elsewhere asking...
  2. Oldgrower54

    A guerrilla grower's take on indoor growing

    Spent the last few days shutting down the garden, and prepping for the Spring. I grow lots of stuff.. ornamental s, veggie's, culinary/medicinal herbs, just love gardening plain and simple. Last Winter, I tried my hand growing indoors. Single plant, basic equipment, not a clue. 1st was a...
  3. Oldgrower54

    Blue Cheese Grow 10/26/19

    Good Day: Starting a Blue Cheese single plant indoor grow. I'll provide notes and observations, and hopefully nip problems early. I left an intro that more in-depth as to my abilities... Here we go. 3'x3'x72' Vivosun grow tent - Viperspectra 600w LED(undimable) 2x clip-on...
  4. Oldgrower54

    Good Day From the Missouri Ozarks

    Hello All: Glad to be here. I'm 66,been Guerrilla growing for 50, and in sustainable ag lifelong. Tried 2 single plant Bruce Banner indoor grows last winter, they were a bust. Great veg, sorry flower and yield. Got something to puff, and learned that indoor growing is a science...
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