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    Good quality, cheaper grow tents

    I have a Fusion Hut 3x3x6 ..and it has three times the thickness .. glad I went for the higher quality tent, the frame is sturdier, and the much thicker walls keep the light out, after 3 grows.. it cleans up real nice .. not a single tear. I got mine from Growlights Canada.
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    Good quality, cheaper grow tents

    Great light, it only draws 96 watts!
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    Remarkable discovery about LED lights!

    I went hog crazy when I started growing my plants. My first grow light was a Chinese nightmare, it claimed to be 1800 watts, but actually only draws 460 watts from the wall. With Ontario Canada's hydro rates, thank got the Chinese light doesn't draw 1800 watts. I bought an HG100 light, which...
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    CBD heavy strains?

    There is a new strain: "Freedom Dream"! Which has a 10% CBD to 1% THC! Overgrow Canada has a program every year where they give 100 seeds away ( not feminized )!
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    Scotts Miracle Grow Purchases General Hydroponics, Sunlight Supply And Others

    I had much better luck with Coco than with soil. I found it so much easier .. no pests of any kind, more work, but the increase in harvest is worth it .. if I had it to do all over again, I would never grow in soil, coco is the way to go for me anyway.
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    Best Seed Banks Poll

    Seedsman will "always" get my vote! The reason why: when I got burned by another seedbank .. seedsman stepped right up and sent me some free seeds! This is a company with a heart.
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    Franken Clones

    Doing some research - I see that this condition normally occurs when lighting conditions vary .. and these clones were kept alive longer than they should have been, but they are what they are .. should be an interesting grow from here on in. These were my first 2 clones ever, and I have a...
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    Franken Clones

    I have 2 CBDCritical plants which I cloned a few months ago .. I kept them viable while my plants in the tent flourished.. now they are in the tent and .. weird plants! The most leaves that either plants have in any frond is 3 leaves, one plant has a majority of one leaf fronds .. These plants...
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    Why is this plant drooping?

    Just my personal experience but I tried using worm castings with my coco grow and all I got was pests on top of pests.. I had to remove all that coco and worm castings and start over! I just harvested my first coco grow .. never saw a single bug the entire time - I'm new here (only 2 grows) -...
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    Harvesting, more fun than anything else in the world

    We all spend so much time with our plants, and we hope, and pray that they make it to harvest day. My first grow - with root rot - the harvest took 30 minutes .. 1.6 ounces. Forgot to mention this plant is CBDCritical from Barney's, but came to me via seedsman who sent me the free seeds...
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    Final Flush: Myth Or Fact?

    With a coco grow - I'd like to reuse my coco for another few grows, if I flush with just water, am I not totally destroying the ppm of the coco, so that it has to be recharged again?
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    Iced nutrients?

    I was thinking the only way to really tell if the ice Bath Ripening does anything - would be to have 2 cloned plants from the same mother, and give one the ice and one regular temps and then compare.
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    Iced nutrients?

    From the magazine article: By exposing the plant to colder temperatures, it is tricked into thinking winter has arrived and that it is dying. As a result the plant bulks up on trichomes and resin, thus inducing more vibrant colors to protect itself from the change in environment. It is...
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    Iced nutrients?

    The latest issue of Garden Culture magazine, has an article about freezing nutrients to aid blooming in the last week, does anyone here have any experience with this? The magazine article is entitled: Ice Bath Ripening
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    Harvesting question!

    Thanks, good stuff. Can I ask why you do the dunking in peroxide, baking soda and lemon juice? This is only my 2nd grow, so much to learn. The congratulations are welcome, but so many here have helped me get to this point. This forum is amazing!
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    Harvesting question!

    This is only my 2nd grow, as you can see from the pix attached - I have many, many kola's and trichomes - I can see the white dust everywhere .. how do I try to harvest without losing all those loose trichomes, during drying many will fall off - so how do I try to save the white dust that we...
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    These ladies are a testament to how great this forum is

    These Ladies: CBDCritical x 2 and AFKush x 2 - are about 2 weeks from harvest. This is my 2nd grow - I've had so much help from so many here. In my first grow I harvested 1.6 ounces .. and the largest kola was the size of my little finger, some of these kola's are as big as my whole hand...
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    Not sure if this goes here, but!

    For those of you who live in Canada, and have a Giant Tiger store handy: This is perfect for Clones, I had my clones living in my bathtub till I came across this! These plant stands started off at $79.00 but this week only for $29. Here are my two clones in their new home. It may not work...
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    New member here growing Dutch Treat medicinal as I have Stage3B colon cancer: first time indoor grower, could use some tips!

    I can relate to your health issues, I had an endoscopy and colonscopy yesterday - I feel today like I was a "victim" in a Gay Porno Flick .. all my orifices were violated! This isn't grow advice, but advice on having something "POSITIVE" in your life, growing marijuana and being involved in...
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    Any tips on how to raise LED lights higher in my tent?

    Thanks folks, that's exactly what I needed, I got out of hospital and saw how high my plants were .. beautiful site, that extra inches should do the trick.
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