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    Clrwatrtom's 1st Grow

    Those are good looking plants man, well done on the grow so far!:hookah::slide:
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    Berry Bomb Clone Grow

    Wow @BTzGrow those are good looking plants, well done!Those were some super strong clones to start from, that is awesome! I'm sorry about the rot or mold on the bud, i can't help with a suggestion to prevent it from spreading, but if they were mine i would consider chopping it early if you can...
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    DrZiggy's Low And Slow Drying: Maximizing Your Harvest

    Wow Sctanley007 that is a lot of herb i wish my mother sent me to school with a lunch bag like that.
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    I Thought Slurricane Season Was Over

    Wow, good looking plants!!
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    Blaze's Sponsored Grow, CannaPot, Strain Michka, 2017

    Never heard of this strain, very cool!
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    Temple Of Bloom

    that is a beast of a plant
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    Vetsmoke85 First Grow Stealth Cabinet

    I am so impressed with what you've grown in that small space seriously man well done wow!
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    Vetsmoke85 First Grow Stealth Cabinet

    Thanks for the info. I was not sure why every single person i ask about flush they've got a different opinion. i know there are so many growing techniques but i just thought there would be more clarity on this topic. all the reading on it and i am so so unsure to flush or not
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    Advice needed now

    That does make sense thanks man appreciated.
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    Forest Gump Is Growing!

    Whaaaaat is that behind you an auto? I thought autos could not get that big honestly
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    Advice needed now

    so if i am to top an auto, best is to do it early as possible?
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    Blue Dream

    is blue dream a blueberry strain?
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    Blue Dream

    beautiful buds man wow
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    Still nice and healthy

    The females look great
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    Second Grow: Durban Poison & CB Dream

    You can use rooting hormones it will speed up the rooting process. If you can't find any, you can use aloe vera juice which works wonders.
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    Barney's Perpetual Hydro House

    Thanks for bringing Clarity to that Barney. that all makes lots of sense
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    What's In Jim's Grow Room?

    Wow wow some big big buds there. Awesome harvest
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