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  1. Sativa83

    Looking For Seed Banks

    Do you guys recommend any legit seed banks whos shipping worldwide?
  2. Sativa83

    Which cycle do you guys think

    Am all most 55 days from seeding Shoreline from Devil harvest
  3. Sativa83


    guys I need some help can I trim the leaves of my plant it’s all bugs on them and need to trim it
  4. Sativa83

    HPS light

    Guys what’s the best HPS light brand I can get with a good price
  5. Sativa83

    Leaves problem

    Shoreline from devil harvest 4 weeks old
  6. Sativa83

    Leaves problem

    Guys I need some help with my grow am new grower and it’s my first time to grow I found out there is some problem is going with my leaves
  7. Sativa83

    CFL lighting distance: first timer looking for advice, Mars Hydro TS1000

    I am currently setting up a 2x2 tent using CFL lights and planting having 4 pots at the moment. Each pot contains 5 CFL bulbs. Plants are now around 3 weeks old. I would like to get some tips on the ideal distance of the CFL lights and for how long i have to stick with CFL until i switch to the...
  8. Sativa83


    hello guys any one have an experience with Shoreline and who it is for indoor need some tip am planing it from seeds that i got from Amsterdam and my lighting setup is cfl light its 19 days old and i feel it it so healthy amd am waiting fot my marshydro ts1000 any can help with a good tips that...
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