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    Replanting problems - help?

    Re: Replanting problems...help? I just cotinue to water them as needed and let nature run its course. Turns out fine for me.
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    How strong will it be?

    I don't think that I would smoke it but, thats me. I don't really like the way it tastes like ashes in your mouth, I would go for a smooth smoke over a harsh strong one, besides it looks pretty cashed to me due to the heavy amount of charcoal
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    Replanting problems - help?

    Re: Replanting problems...help? I had a plant almost die from appearance, the bottom leaves came off from the bottom just so that the plant could have energy to put into its roots, the roots grew strong and firm and then the plant perked up again :peace:
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    New smoker looking for help

    The 420 kitchen stuff just got a new recipe for butter to use in cooking, its great:high-five:
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    Marijuana - Cannabinoids - THC - CBD - CBN

    Re: Marijuana - Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN...) If you want to copy it just hold the control key and hit the a key simultaneously. the you can bring up whatever you want to paste it to (such as Word).
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    Need Help keeping plant small

    Ok, lets be fair and agree to disagree. I think if you keep it under constant lighting for the first 2 weeks then switch to 12/12, top it as needed and put more light to the sides instead of the top you can force it to bush instead of reach high as well as flower earlier. Also when you get the...
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    What is this?!

    Re: What is this?! What EEZ this?!?! Thats hilarious, you should be fine though. LOL
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    DIY drying box with odor control

    I was just curious, why does nobody use a dehydrater? I'm somewhat of a noob, lol :thanks:
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    Help needed

    If you keep the plants in temperature 70-78F you can get a higher female ratio, (not sure why) , and the veg will be thicker too.
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    First Grow - CFL - Bag Seed - Hempy Coco

    Thats awsome, thank you for the updates I love to hear everyones stories. :thanks:
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    The Power Of Raw Cannabis

    This video has been removed by the user, sorry!
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    First Grow - CFL - Bag Seed - Hempy Coco

    Thank you for that, it was insightful and I look forward to the male pics so that I may compare the two :)
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    First Grow - CFL - Bag Seed - Hempy Coco

    Re: First grow, CFL/Bag seed, Hempy coco Sorry for the last reply was getting used to the sites setup. Your plants look great nad it seems you have it all under control, fantastic job. :) I was also reading about the pods showing sex if I could get anyone to delve deeper into that subject and...
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    First Grow - CFL - Bag Seed - Hempy Coco

    You need a little more light it helps to go 250+W and it will also raise your temperature.
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