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  1. Ima Paradox

    Girl Scout Cookies flowering with 18 hours of light daily

    This is the last seed of my original 5 girl scout cookies from last year, I planted it August 18 and have had trouble with it from the beginning, so I figured to just keep it in veg for about 6 months or so and then flower it out next spring. It is a photoperiod plant, but it is very small and...
  2. Ima Paradox

    How to bookmark a thread?

    I cant figure it out
  3. Ima Paradox

    New to forums, completely

    By that I mean I have never joined any forums whatsoever, so this is my first, I have played around with this site now for about 2 weeks and I guess it is time to try to introduce myself as best as I legally can. I am 59 years old and am a retired US NAVY Veteran. I have been smoking pot since I...
  4. Ima Paradox

    New grower, new to forum, not sure what is causing this

    Growing 2 White Widow from seed in Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil with Mega crop Plant Food during flower. Plants did well in veg but something has come up recently that has me stumped. I have checked the leaf charts but cant seem to tie this problem to any of the issues that are generally listed...
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