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  1. Morglie

    Unable to upload photos from mobile app

    I'm having problems uploading pictures in the app on Android. It will try for a couple of seconds and then it gives me a failed upload and the app will suggest that perhaps I don't have the authorization to post pictures. Please help.
  2. Morglie

    Morglie's Perpetual: New Space & New Strains

    I'll be updating this shortly with pictures and descriptions of my new space. I wanted to get this set up this morning. I'm still working out the kinks in the new grow area, and waiting on some boards to arrive so that I can build my flower lights. I'm popping one set at a time so that I don't...
  3. Morglie

    Morglie's 1st Journal With Ace Sativas In High Brix

    I've been learning the basics over the last year through a lot of forum reading and trial and error. I feel like I've finally got the germination process & babying seedlings down to where I'm no longer wasting good seeds. I'm finishing up a trial run in Doc's kit at the moment, which is also my...
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