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    Help! Found a full grown seed at week 5 flower!

    Help, idk what to do.. I got 4 plants in my tent, and I noticed seed pods yesterday on the bottom end of my plants. Today I checked the top for nanners, thought I found one and pulled out a SEED fully grown, one of the biggest seeds I ever seen FML.. what should I do? Cut my lossses and toss...
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    Is this normal to find on popcorn buds?

    What is this?? Should I be concerned.. because I don’t feel like this is normal, these are pics of one of the popcorn buds most are like this but none of the main colas are. and maybe it’s normal but I’m worried it’s not lol I’m a new grower and I still got lots to learn. Any info would be...
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    What can I use with Floranova Bloom during flower!

    Just wondering what else I can feed my plants, I flipped to 12/12 2 weeks ago & they’re starting to bud! But I got to thinking there must be something else I could add to FloraNova Bloom for a better yield! ( I’m still feeding them Floranova Grow) didn’t switch to bloom yet. Just kinda went with...
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    2ndGrow/1stJournal - 2 600W LED, Blueberry & GreenCrack

    Hellooo everyone! I’m very excited to start my First Journal. (This is my second time growing) I’ve been lurking these forums for years & I tried to start a journal years ago but I just didn’t have the time or know how. Right now everything is kind of a mess as nothing went as planned...
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    Problems with my seedlings

    Okay so I have been tryin to germinate my seedlings for some time now. 1 week lol. The first 5 only one cracked open & sprouted a taproot about 1/4inch. These seeds are very very small compared to the ones I have had before. So I assumed that was all that was coming out lol I immediately put the...
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    Need help for grow box!

    Hi, I'm building a grow box for my first grow, but I wanna make sure this is an accurate size, I'm growing auto NL from cks. The box stands 4.5ft high and 3.5ft long and 28 inches deep. This is my first grow. I'm gonna be using cfls for now, then switching to a marshydro 300w for flowering...
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    Need help preparing for first CFL - NL Auto grow

    Hi everyone I'm new to this site and have been inspired by all of you! I want to try my first grow! Here are my plans please correct me if this won't work ! I want to use northern lights auto flower after all my research " which probably means nothing" So here are my ideas: 3ft x 3ft x...
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