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    Just One seed dropped out?

    Hi everyone , What do you make of this ? I just chopped 1 down and there were parts inside the big colar which looked like it was rotting. I picked it all apart and threw the " bad bits " and I still got 2 oz off of it ! What caused that I wonder ? it had been hung for 2 days and I thought...
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    Low Humidity in flower?

    i`ve heard its good to lower the Humidity down to about 30% when the plants are in the flower stages. Is that right do you know ? How does High and Low humidity affect growing plants ? is 33degrees Centigrade too hot in grow do you think ? I do blow a fan over them . I like to try to keep it...
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    Can you help with bugs please?

    Hello fellow growers and greetings from "over the pond " can anyone help with the following ? Hi again. Rights these bugs i`ve got are weird. I have looked at the leaf damage done under a microscope and generally towards the centre of the damage are about half a dozen black blotches ...
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    When is best to kill?

    Hi to everyone, I have two plants ( I stagger growing mine in 2`s and 4`s because only a small cupboard grow ) which are at day 60 of flowering this very day. I examined their trichones with a micropscope , all over the buds and leaves , and they are now cloudy with one or two amber ones . So I...
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    help just found spider mite damage on plants

    OMG I knew somethign was going wrong a few days ago but did not know what. I just read a great article on here about pest with great photos of them and the damage they do and sure enough when you look with the naked eye or with the microscope it IS spider mite damage. SCREAM.......Is there any...
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