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    Pulldown menu show behind flash banner ads

    using the Chrome browser - your pulldown menus are still showing behind the flash ads. the non-flash ads show up fine and work fine with the menus. Meaning if I click the menu item for Forums, the menu items listed appear behind the flash ads. 15 of 54 of your 458x60 banner ads are flash...
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    Main page - 420ConsumerReports link is DEAD

    420 Magazine ® The image above is on the main page at the bottom next to the Contests. It links to a non-existent forum. Is this space for the Member of the Month contest? The alt text (the text that shows up when you roll your mouse over the image) reads "Member of the Month". The Consumer...
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    Never talk to the cops

    YouTube - Don't Talk to Cops, Part 1 YouTube - Don't Talk to Cops, Part 2
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    New Website Bug Reports & Problems

    While I'm logged in, I get asked to re-log when navigating to pages on 420 site It's getting pretty annoying. Strike this, problem seems to be corrected
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    New Website Comments & Requests

    Rob and Company, 420magazine.com, 420girls, etc. :goodjob: the new look and feel is sweet. It'll take a little getting used to, but HATS OFF to you. :thumb: Looks fantastic... Happy 420
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    150W HPS - 18 pics - 9 weeks flower

    This bush is all one plant. Grow cab is 18inches by 36 inches with a 150 W HPS
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    ChicagoJoe asks, "When Should I Start My Flush" - soil - currently 8th wk of 12/12

    Guys and gals, I need your expert opinions. I have an unknown indica dominant bagseed about to finish 8th week of 12/12 in soil. It eats like a freak and only once did I ever burn the very tips of the top leaves. The buds have a high leaf to calyx ratio. The calyxes are swelling, new...
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    Cannabis Standards Committee

    How about a Cannabis Standards Committee to make sure the label is true including: strain medium nutes/organics indoor/outdoor flush cure etc
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    Please ask 420magazine to stop censoring

    Please stop your word replacement therapy. These are some examples of word replacement. When the word after the equal sign is typed in 420 MAGAZINE'S forum (without the spaces), they are replaced with asterisks. ******* = c o c a i n e *** = l s d *************** = m e t h a m p h e t a m i...
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    Search Help Needed

    I'm trying to search for "blue rhino", but the search functionality will not let me search for "blue rhino". If I used blue rhino in the search term, it searches Keyword(s): blue or rhino If I used "blue rhino" in the search term, it searches Keyword(s): "blue or rhino" If I used 'blue...
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    Asking for help - then wait for it

    I've only been coming here to 420 mag for less than a year, but I'm familiar with web forums in general. #1. this forum is awesome, the peeps here have plenty of information to SEARCH thru. Pretty much any question about growing has already been asked, answered and commented on. #2. the...
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    ChicagoJoe's 1st Grow - SCROG - 150W - Suggestions Welcome

    This is my first attempt at an indoor grow. Over last summer, we had a few seeds sprout outside from some bag seed. Not sure of the strain, but the one we kept indicates indica with short internodes and big fat leaves. The plant budded strong, but got a little budrot in Sept, so we harvested...
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    Little Joe from Chicago

    Hey, I'm new here and a newby grower. I just noticed some budrot right where one of your awesome members (or admins) said it would form, on the nicest bud. Since it was an outdoor plant and we've been getting moisture lately, I decided to take it down. I trimmed out the affected area and then...
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