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  1. rock49911

    Hey - Any of you know MI legal rules?

    I a med card holder allowed to grow my own, however I just starting to figure out how to setup and buy equipment, any way I can buy ready grown medicine?
  2. rock49911

    Any you know this ebb & flow system and can tell me how good or bad it is?

    Thinking of buying this, what you know about it? Thank you. Hydrofarm MGSYS Hydroponic Megagarden Ebb & Flow System in a 22" x 22" x 10" size Container
  3. rock49911

    How many plants can I grow in 14 sq. ft. scrogging?

    My new closet grow space is 14 square feet, how many plants can I grow scrogging?
  4. rock49911

    Any you grow in DIY greenhouse in upper midwest?

    :circle-of-love: My plan: Build a DIY greenhouse in U.P. MI and grow 12 plants. How you do it, what you build, you know of any websites, books anything, where go for information?:thanks:
  5. rock49911

    Anybody know Michigan law?

    Can I grow in a greenhouse on my property if it is enclosed and locked? I asked LARA and they said I should contact an attorney. :thanks:
  6. rock49911

    How many plants should I grow in my bedroom closet about 3x6 ft 8 ft high?

    :circle-of-love: How many plants should I grow in my bedroom closet 3 ft wide 6 ft deep 8 ft high? I am thinking of using a grow tent in it?:thanks:
  7. rock49911

    Need advice please - I have $500 for lighting - What's better LED or T8?

    How should I invest for lighting? I have $500 I want to spend. LED or T8 grow? For 12 plants in a closet. Nu Bee old man. :thanks: Want to grow the best genetics I am able to. Recommended brands for lights? What do you think of DIY for LED lights? Thank you for your input.
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