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    My Perpetual Journey

    Time to get this show going!! We're starting this journey off with some Greenpoint (Stardawg) crosses. Moon dance - Wookies / Stardawg Tomahawk - Gorilla Glue #4 / Stardawg My setup is currently two Mars hydro reflector 144/5 blurple units (they do work) in a 3x3 tent. Lighting will be...
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    Shaggn's Green Crack & Money Maker LED Coco DTW/Hempy

    Well i'm back!! Had a slight security/relationship issue which caused me to prematurely abandon my last journal. I will add some pictures from that grow, as everything is fine but decided not to start the journal back up. Just incase.... That being said. Anyone that followed my previous...
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    Shaggn's Crop King - Green Crack - Hempy - LED 3x3

    Hello 420 Fam!! This grow is only just beginning. I currently have a grow going in my Sig. This will be updated weekly with occasional chatter about the grow. Peace!!
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    Wookies x Stardawg by Greenpoint seeds

    Trying to find any grows/journals for this cross. I haven't been able to find any. Thx. Peace!!
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    White Widow & Money Maker LED Perlite Hempy Manifold

    This run will be 5 - Crop King - White Widow and 5 - Strain Hunter - Money Maker. They have already been mained to 4 mains each and are being grown in 100% perlite hempies. Grow is in a 3x3 tent with 2 - Mars 144 reflector series lights. Nutrients will be GH flora series. Will upload some...
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    KC Brains - Cristal Limit - 3 Phenos - Growth/Bloom Description & Pictures

    I want to share my personal detailed experience with KC Brains - Cristal Limit. I will start off with warning that the batch I received gave me 3/10 females and the rest males. Could have just been bad luck for me, or not. I will follow that statement, it was worth it as the cost of the...
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    Shaggn's 600W Hempy - Crop King - White Cookies & Purple Kush

    Finally get to start my first journal on 420!! I will be running Crop King - White Cookies(10 Fem) to start and add in a couple packs of their Purple Kush later on. I will update regularly and plan to put on a good show for everyone. Info on my set-up and gear to follow shortly. Peace!!
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