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  1. The Physicist

    The Lab: Perpetual Experimentation

    ~ Welcome to The Lab: Perpetual Experimentation ~ Welcome to The DIY Lab! The goal of The Lab is to test out scientific theories and Bro-Science Myths in cannabis growth to determine what factors really go into optimizing yields, from botany to ecology to chemistry and physics. We will dive...
  2. The Physicist

    315W LEC vs 300 HLG Quantum Board

    Nebula Haze completed her 300 HLG QB vs 4000k Hortilux Bulb (Vertical Alignment) and results are below: Note: shes admits that no defoliating was done and therefore the LEC lower buds were mostly thrown into trim and that reduced the weight, which also in turn makes smaller buds and lower THC...
  3. The Physicist

    Bigger Yields: SOG or SCROG

    Assumptions to consider, all colas receive the same PAR/PPFD, removing the variable of tedious watering, bonsaing, setup of feeding system and number of pots/buckets, the question I have is: What results in the higher yield? A SOG (Sea of Green) where multiple plants are used with only one...
  4. The Physicist

    Spectral Intensity Distribution For Common Grow Lights vs The Sun

    Hi everyone, I have not seen this anywhere so I figured I'd post my data. I measured the spectral intensity distribution of various grow light sources that many new growers use and compared it to sun light at noon in California. While I don't personally have a HPS/MH, that data has been around...
  5. The Physicist

    The Physicist's Indoor Soil Vanilla Frosting

    Hi everyone and welcome! This is my first grow. As a scientist I like to focus on the small details for optimization. Any information is always welcome! Spread the knowledge! I would like to thank everyone who has posted here over the years and kept journals. I'm a long time reader, first...
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