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    RoleModel's picture thread

    them plants look sweet!
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    Your stoner quotes

    Re: Your stoner quotes. my friend and i got baked one night and he goes into my basement to grab a beer from the fridge, and he comes up with a toilet seat infront of his face and he was like "who is it?" then he flipped the lid open and was like " its just me!" i dont know why but it was soo...
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    Typical cost of Cannabis across the world

    here in philly its about 100 for an ounce, 50 for half ounce, and between 1000 and 2200 for a pound...it all depends on the dankness....
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    got a little problem

    the doctor was cool as shit, i was like " yo doc, can we keep this between me and you?" he was like " yes of course, if i were to tell, you could sue me.....you wouldnt win cause i got good fucking lawyers, but you could try" then he laughed, he was cool as fuck, he told me like 5 times to just...
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    got a little problem

    update!! i just came back from the docs, got an EKG, everything is ok with my heart,blood pressure is ok, and they took blood and im getting a chest xray in a few days..i told the doc what happened and that i smoked and he said that its most likely not the pot, its due to how much caffeine i...
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    Some random pics

    not sure what kind of weed it is, picked it up for a decent price, 40 for a half o.
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    got a little problem

    im going to him tomorow to get my heart rate and shit like that checked out, im going to be honest and tell him what happened and ask him if i can still smoke...
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    got a little problem

    is it still safe to smoke though?
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    got a little problem

    i occasionaly take tylenol 3s for migraines, but i take them like 1 a week...its just wierd as hell that i smoked before this and i got high no problem, but this may, it was just fucked....i was pannicing before i smoked cause there were cops waking around, could this contribute to the problem?
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    got a little problem

    im still smoking anyway, but......
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    got a little problem

    k so heres the story...i blazed once about 3 years ago, i got high and went to sleep....about 1 year ago i blazed again, got high, and went to sleep, in april i smoked 2 blunts to the face and shared one with a group of people, got high, and went to sleep, everything is ok....now this May that...
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