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  1. Marthony

    Substitutes for liquid sunflower lecithin please! For coconut oil process

    Hello, On Monday I plan to de-carb over an ounce that I've got in a water curing process, but I've yet to be able to find liquid lecithin in my relatively small community. I picked up some powdered xanthan gum today, is this suitable? At a Nutters shop they only had this and a powdered form of...
  2. Marthony

    Coconut oil stealthy process Q's, both for dry herb process & AVB

    Greetings! Family is visiting in a couple weeks for 1 weekend with a lot of AVB, and as she can't process it where she's living we'll do it at my place. At the same time I've some 'Grade B' dry pot that could also be converted into coconut oil. These will be separate batches...will keep the...
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