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    Heard Great thing from a friend here

    Hello my name is obi i love cycling, IPA's and growing. I'm glad to be here in this community to learn and share what i know no doubt have a good time.:thumb:
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    Droopy Clone Problem!

    Can someone help me out i have a droopy clone im trying to perk up just gave it ph'd water yesterday morning and it's still drooping. Strain-Royal Cookies Medium-Half/Half Coco and Fox Farms OF PH'd at 6.1
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    Obi's Outdoor Royal Cookies 2015

    Hello and Welcome everyone this is my first outdoor mmj grow please feel free to question or in anyway help a brothers out. Strain: Royal Cookies Clone Veg time: 2 months planning Substrate: Half Coco Half Fox Farm's Ocean Forrest Pot size: 3 gallon Smart Pot - 15 gal Lights: California...
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