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    Heat and misting

    Is it safe to mist my plants if it is extremely hot & humid and sunny out.
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    HI..I have a question..I found a hermie In my greenhouse of 24 they are all approx 4-5 feet tall none have started to bud or flower at this time.still veg.i found a hermie and looks like 1 of the pods had opened .i covered the plant with a garbage bag and burnt it.are any of my girls at risk of...
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    Why do my buds have these little white seeds that crack real easy.they look like beautiful buds ?? any help would be much appreciated.Hmmmm trying to figure out how to post the pics ???
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    storing cured buds

    hi....I have a question? once my buds are all dried and cured can i store them in an air tight igloo cooler.and for how long? Thanks!! Sue
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    Transplanting problem

    Hi 5 days ago I transplanted my 3 ft plants to tubs into a small green house 20x20. I used bagged soil and I mixed a mixture cow manure mixed with potting soil then I mixed that to the to the soil in the tubs.within a couple days i seen the leaves getting these spots.now I see more plants...
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